The other day I was listening to a crazy woman. She was ranting about some bullshit, really. Her mouth was moving and the bile was flying out. During her tirade, I was completely apathetic (Zero Fucks Given as they say); moreover, my sentiment was shared by the people that surrounded her – nobody else gave a shit either.

I was happy.  Thank God her words were being ignored! She was talking to the sky, basically…and her complaints were falling into an Ocean of Apathy. But then I realized a horrible thing: the same could be said about me.

That when all is said and done, nobody cares about my passion or my life’s work.

Perhaps the Major is more eloquent, more poetic, etc. But at the end of the day…it might be the same result. Nobody cares. The only people that care about me are my family and a few close friends.

The ax swings both ways….for better and for worse.

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8 thoughts on “Is It True That Nobody Cares?

  1. You’re right Ron, but hey, lighten up! I thought you were a Stoic! But I know what you mean, we both batter away regularly at the lefties, the feminazi, the snowflakes to be met with …… silence. What’s the point? Well, going away is exactly what the lefties want, so …. keep going.
    Your U.K. Friend!

      1. I remember that for around 50 years (i.e. the Cold War) Americans were chastised for not playing well with Russia. The culmination, of course, was the Sting video “I hope the Russians love their children too.”

        And now, almost immediately after Trump’s victory, the left-wing American media is calling for the destruction of Russia. In short, we were encouraged to be allies for almost 70 years and then, on the drop of the dime, they became our mortal enemy.

        Something is fishy about that (in the Major’s opinion). I am not saying they (or Putin in particular) are saints. Yet I’m hesitant to buy into the media’s narrative as well.

  2. I have learned to find it comforting, the fact that only those who know, love, and care about me care about my rantings and writings.

    I used to think I wanted other people to care until I realized that when they do and take notice, which is also double-edged sword.

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