When you write music, you should do it with lust and passion. The song should evoke the highest sentiments of the spirit. You should be able to sing the glorious melody on the peak of Mount Everest…the wind blowing through your  hair.

Do away with the “clever” postmodernism. The rearranging of order for the sake of re-arranging. The charlatans that offer a cerebral type of “music talk.” Reject the latest media dilettante: the plastic artist whose “music” is nothing more than the marching orders of a Frankfurt school.

We’re talking about music here: an elevator to the human soul. It’s no small matter, no trinket that’s placed on your mantle as a nifty collection. It’s the reflection of your greatest emotions.

Music is about a personal revolution; not a social one.

The lofty strings, the majestic horns. Humanity stretching forward to witness the grandeur of the moment. The deepest well of human lust…the highest peak of a man’s passion. The greatness of the human experience, embodied in the floating air waves.

That is music!!!

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9 thoughts on “How to Write Music

  1. A good metaphor, I think poetry is the same but I understand it less. You’d struggle to sing anything on Everest summit if you’re wearing an oxygen mask but I’ll ask Kenton Cool about it! Yes, that’s his real name living a few blocks away from us. Google him, tell me what you think?!

      1. You know more than me now. But I keep reminding him that when he was a trainee Alpine Guide he lost his log book which is accumulated over 3 years then submitted as your final exam.

  2. Very cool! I climbed with him over 10 years ago and I think he has now summited Everest more times than any westerner

      1. Too right. Minimal cognitive ability too, but for Christ’s sake don’t repeat it. He’s a lovely man but a scatterbrained lunatic!

      2. Sorry, all very unfair. I used to have a US Marines style marching song …. “We’ve all climbed with Kenton Cool” “He’s so good we all look like fools” etc etc. He is a lovely simple bloke actually. Focused, courageous, professional, family man.

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