The World Cup is fast upon us. For most Americans, soccer means Brazil: Pele, Ronaldinho, etc. We know every little about the sport really. And if the media provides any coverage, it’s usually centered around Brazilian dominance. This is merely another example of the media playing loose with the facts.

Germany is neck-and-neck with Brazil for the title of “World’s Best”; in fact, Germany’s accomplishments are equal to (or more impressive than) that of Brazil.

A quick review of the numbers will prove this to be true:

1.) 4 World Cup Victories


Brazil Soccer WCup Germany Argentina
Germany has won 4 World Cups. Only Brazil (5) has won more.

2.) The Greatest Scorer in World Cup History

Miroslav Klose has scored more goals in the World Cup (16) than any other player in the history of the tournament: not Pele or Maradona.

3.) The Greatest Scorer in a Single World Cup Tournament

Gerd Müller scored 10 goals in the 1970 World Cup.  A record for most goals in a single tournament.

4.) Germany Was Playing With Only 50% of Its Players for Most of World Cup History

Soccer - World Cup West Germany 1974 - Group One - West Germany v East Germany
East Germany and West Germany were forced to play against one another for many years. In other words, they were winning World Cup competitions with only 50% of their players available.


The question arises: Why does Germany not receive the credit they deserve in the American media? I think the answer is simple, yet too politically incorrect to utter. The American media is Jewish dominated (Max Kellerman, Chris Berman, Lisa Cohn, Bob Arum…I’ll stop there for fear of redundancy). Many of these people will never give Germany its proper recognition. They have been taught to hate Germany since they were in the crib and it’s all they know.

For my part, I’d like to see Germany win the cup again (seeing as how the United States did not qualify). The only negative part would be that it would strengthen national pride in Germany, which could lead to more support for that misbehaving young boy, Angela Merkel.

The only negative thing about another World Cup win for Germany is more support for that clown, Mr. Merkel.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to an exciting series of matches and may the best team win! See you on the pitch…

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26 thoughts on “Will Germany Ever Receive Credit for Being a Dominant Force in World Cup Soccer?

      1. LOL not likely through Russia and Greece are the only two places left for me to visit

        Sadly I can’t get to either by Harely so it ain’t looking good

  1. i don’t understand the Jewish part of this, however soccer just hasn’t taken off in America like our own football. i don’t think much of America cares much about the World Cup much less whether Germany or Brazil is playing in it.

    years ago, though, my first husband took me to a world cup soccer game (not the final), and i couldn’t believe how FUN it was in person! on tv it’s boring, but in person … it was! i loved not knowing exactly when the game would end. my husband hated that part as he was very logical and liked strictly adhered-to rules and didn’t like the arbitrary part of that.

    1. That’s awesome that you got a chance to see a game in person. I have always wanted to visit a soccer match in Europe in particular. Much like hockey, it’s much better in person.

    2. With regards to the Jewish part, we (Americans) are still living in the aftermath of WW2. And Jews, in particular, are living in the aftermath of the Holocaust. So these hostilities remain and play themselves out in a myriad of ways: i.e. how the media portrays certain countries as opposed to others.

      1. i’ve seen where you and others write negative things about the Jews. i admit i do not understand your position and have a difficult time reconciling it with what i understand the bible says about them.

      2. Ame, my main beef with Judaism centers on its most important covenant: circumcision. The foreskin is biologically homologous to the clitoral hood, meaning every circumcised man has his “clit” removed against his will. This is, in my estimation, a human rights violation. Note that a man with a foreskin experiences sexual pleasure(s) that the cut man cannot conceive of; they live in two different worlds in this regard.

        At a traditional Jewish circumcision, the rabbis will actually suck the blood out of a child’s penis after they remove the foreskin (without anesthesia). This is, in mt mind, the living embodiment of human evil. See attached link:

      3. Ame, also in terms of scripture, note that Jesus made a clear break from the Jewish community (as evidenced in the New Testament). He taught them that spirituality was centered on the goodness of one’s spirit and actions, as opposed to the Jewish adherence to rituals.

        Moreover, Paul issued a clear break from the Jews. His commentary on this matter in clear in the New Testament as well. He also reminds Christians that there is no need to circumcise men. And thus, most of the men in the Christian world remain intact (with the exception of America, which fell under the sway of Jewish doctors after WW2).

        I’m always semi-bothered when I see a church do away with the New Testament in favor of the Old. The New Testament is the testament of Christ and it points to a more humanistic approach to living.

      4. they are both equally important. Jesus said that He came to fulfill the law, not to abolish it. that means to me they are both equally important.

      5. i actually often see the church ignore the old and favor the new … to the point where they almost proclaim the old is irrelevant and unnecessary since the birth of Jesus.

      6. He may have a point about the Jews behind the media, being linked to Germany not receiving enough coverage or credit. I know for our family (my parents at least), even with Jewish ancestry and strong ties to them emotionally, we’ve always acknowledged how corrupt the ones very high up in the US are. My mom likes to joke that “when Jews go bad, they go **very** bad!”

        I mean… so many of them were the cause of the oil prices going up because they had fun gambling on barrel prices I believe (my dad knew all this stuff and tracked it). They really do own so much of the media and entertainment industry – and when you sit back and look at how that influences people, and how demonic a lot of it is, you can see why this so bad. And… just look at George Soros and everything **he’s** done! And he’s a Jew, Ame!!!

        And many of them were the bankers who created the atmosphere for the US financial crisis back in 2008 I think? My mom pointed out back then that almost all these people had Jewish last names and it was kind of horrifying.

        Also… one of the most diabolic, Satanic women around today, is a Jewish woman… Marina Abramovic. Oh my Lord, Ame… if you google her, beware of the “art” you’ll see she creates. And she’s **very** popular – like she owns the art world, and has for maybe over a decade? It’s scary that someone that Satanic has that much power.

        Anyway… to tie it with hatred of Germany/German people. It’s just very hard to imagine, but I’ll give you my own personal experience.

        When I was pregnant with our oldest, I was still in college and finishing up my senior year, about to graduate in a couple of months actually, and by that time we’d been married for 3 years. I met a smart, very determined woman in her 40’s in one of those upper level bio courses, and liked her almost immediately.

        She had a pretty strong accent and when I found out she was German, it didn’t affect me at first. I’d been friends with Germans in high school who were transfer students, and they were sweet girls! But somehow as we got to know each other better, she let me know that her mom was actually given an award by Hitler for having so many children. I just felt a weird kind of hatred in my heart suddenly crop up, knowing that her family was that close in proximity to the Holocaust and Hitler. I had wanted to imagine that she wasn’t, or didn’t have anything to do with that era. She was the youngest child, so that makes sense that her mom was having children during Hitler’s time. I remember thinking,
        “Oh wow, so **your** “people” really did have something to do with killing and torturing my “people.”” It was like… a visceral reaction and I remember having a hard time not hating Germany and German people for a fleeting moment. And it was, somehow, like a fleeting moment. I didn’t allow it to last, and we still became good friends after that. But wow, it was there!

        It was disturbing, but it was definitely there. And I’m a Christian-(Messianic) Jew! For actual Jews who still go to Temple etc. they are reminded of the Holocaust much more than I ever was… so that visceral hatred may be stronger – and it’s totally involuntary (maybe even subconscious?). That doesn’t mean they can’t work past it, but it’s surprising to me how strong that feeling was.

    3. Soccer is popular with the fuckers who shouldn’t be here and folks who want to act better then middle class/ lower class Whites who watch football

    1. LNG…we must be watching different stations then. For example, Thomas Mueller is not given anywhere near the same attention as Messi, Neymar, etc.

      And this year, Mueller will most likely become the greatest goal scorer in the history of the WC.

  2. i’m not sure … and i might be totally missing the point of all of this (my brain is overwhelmed with other stuff this week) … but it seems to fit in this place i’ve created for those who claim to know Christ, who have even done things in their lives that are good in the Name of Christ, yet their private lives are totally contradictory to what they say they believe.

    God calls the Jewish people His, but not all of them believe on the Name of the Lord Jesus. there are some who still do good in the Name of Jesus, or the Name of God (for those who are not messianic), but their lives indicate they do not truly believe and many do terrible things – even some in the Name of God.

    God says He will keep a remnant of His People – my understanding the Jewish people.

    i’ve not studied this, so i’m kinda winging it here, and, again, i may be totally off base.

    i’ve not commented on what people have written about the Jews negatively, esp those here i respect, because i don’t know enough to comment on it, and i don’t know who to ask to explain it all to me yet. and i don’t have time in my life to research it right now. but i am very curious about it all.

    it seems a stretch to hate all Jews because some are bad.

    1. i did not purchase many of their books – the ones i did purchase were at thrift stores or greatly discounted online. i borrowed them all from the library, and the ones my library didn’t have they were able to borrow from other libraries.

      i also thoroughly enjoyed their tellings of the stories during Jesus’ time.

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