Recently, Major Styles was at an educational conference. About 90% of the teachers were left-wing provocateurs (standard for a modern college, really). The teachers were not mildy left-wing, either. They were fanatical followers of the Frankfurt School, the ideological foot soldiers of Max Horkheimer. In short, everything is racism, sexism and homophobia.

During the conference, I was introduced to a new theory – live grading. Essentially, this means that the teacher does not grade any papers. Instead, the teacher holds a conference with the student about his work. During the conference, the student explains his thinking to the teacher. If the teacher approves of the answer, he provides the student with an appropriate grade.

It sounds cutting edge to a certain degree. But like all left-wing ideologies, once you remove the scab, you see a festering boil underneath.

Essentially, the left-wing teacher can now fail a conservative student because he did not provide a politically-correct answer. The written essay was a form of legal proof for the conservative student: i.e. he could bring a hard-copy paper to an administrator if he disagreed with a grade. However, now he’s prevented from doing so. It’s his word against that of a liberal teacher. And we all know who’s going to win that battle.

liberal teacher
In “live grading,” the liberal teacher will fail a student if he/she does not parrot the left-wing talking points. 

If your son/daughter is taking a class and you hear the term “live grading,” be very concerned. Most likely, your child is in danger. They’re about to be devoured by a left-wing parasite. It’s your job to fight back, letting the liberal instructor know that you object to his dubious machinations.

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8 thoughts on ““Live Grading” is the Latest Scam in the Left-Wing College System

  1. One of the things we have noticed even in the business world is that for the dishonorable, paper trails by way of emails, texts, etc. are avoided when people are trying to avoid having their proposals, guarantees, and other such things on record.

    “Live grading” sounds horrendous, and it is for the very reasons you outlined. Without any corroborating evidence, how is a student to appeal any action taking against him by an ideologue professor?

    1. Very true, El, I imagine that in the hands of a noble person, there might be some value to the idea. However, the reasons for implementing it are proving to be less than honorable.

  2. Ran into something much like that when I went to college. Being an actual adult, I appealed the grade, took my paper to the department head etc etc. The offending professor had a melt down. They are good at scaring 20 year old kids; aint much against an adult in their class.

    Upside is, I am still on friendly terms with the department head.

    1. True. This particular teacher is, from what I can tell, excellent at emotional manipulation: i.e. the “I’m so offended” countenance and jittery body language. Most teenagers would back down in a heartbeat.

      I’m starting to think that there needs an active campaign of red-pill Samzidat to counteract this lunacy.

      1. Not every problem requires a hammer but sadly I think we are past any other workable solution. Plus the other side doesn’t want to let my side live in peace

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