A picture tells a thousand words. This photo, taken at the impressive Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, shows the famous painting by Rembrandt, “The Night Watch”. We see a row of girls, typing away at their cell phones. A masterpiece of history, obscured by an Instagram like or a Facebook update.


I guess we should not bemoan the present. The digital age is here and we are immersed in it. No sense in being a Luddite and besmirching the new technologies. That being said, every coin has two sides. The implementation of a new system must, by its mere creation, obscure the work of an older one.

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16 thoughts on “Rembrandt in the Digital Age

  1. Have not been impressed with a single art museum so I can’t say as I blame them….. and Rome is a giant shitty was tourist trap.

    Much better places to see Roman ruins then that place

      1. I like banging Dutch chicks. Does that count?

        Things last the test of time until they don’t. Never understood why I was supposed to be ape shit over these things.

        I would be more pissed that those boys are wasting their time indoors vs learning to stomp mud holes in diviserty

      2. I also see it as rich dude worries. Spoiled ass rich kids who have the extra money to have a smart phone, go to the art ware house etc etc.

      3. Perhaps. But historically, look how the introduction of modern art proceeded the decline of the family, society, etc. In other words, replace the sculpture of a Roman warrior with an amorphous blob. The next thing you know, Marilyn Monroe has been replaced with Lena Dunham.

      4. I get the left has a war on beauty and that beauty is important for to people to have pride in their culture but I am not sure kids being unimpressed with old ass paintings are a sign of anything one way or another

        And again, most people’s lives are way to busy on the day to day/ work is to physically demanding to appreciate paintings. Ie rich dude problems.

        Kind of a reverse in priorities I reckon

  2. i wonder if, with technology everything is so accessible, including being able to virtually see these places and things anytime we want, that even in person they’ve lost their appeal?

    then the other pov … we’ve created this tech culture and then we bemoan it. personally, technology moves too fast for me to keep up and it drives me nuts. my kids roll with it.

  3. These kids are not just wasting their time. They’re not on Facebook or Instagram. They’re are all on the free app of the Museum that provides you with a personal guided tour in the palm of your hand. The teacher confirmed that they were doing this to complete an assignment. This is fake news and you neglected to factcheck even the most basic part of this story.

    Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/12103150/Rembrandt-The-Night-Watch-The-real-story-behind-the-kids-on-phones-photo.html

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