Apparently, Vice is a far-left magazine (Major Styles does not read that rag). At any rate, I came across a video that adequately summarizes the far left. Today, these provocateurs have conquered the Democratic party; it’s become embarrassing to witness. Have a look at the video, since it’s only thirty seconds:

Ha! Too funny.

Comedy is an excellent form of rhetoric – one that the Roman orator Quintilian spoke about in detail. And humor is something that the perpetually offended are lacking in: everything is racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Note how few comedies there are in Hollywood at the moment. The left-wing shills are more concerned with giving James Bond a gay friend than they are with entertaining the crowd (Ian Fleming, may you rest in peace).

Comedy is the mark of genius. Not the stumbling schlemiel that’s pandered around Hollywood in the form of Larry David or Woody Allen (we should be laughing at those pathetic half-men, not with them). Rather, great comedy is the use of wit, word play, creativity, imagination, and talent.

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5 thoughts on ““How to Write a Vice Article” Does a Wonderful Job of Satirizing the Far Left

  1. Reminds me of the comments recently of Boris Johnson here in the U.K. who said “women who wear burkas look like letter boxes …..” it was satirical but lefties everywhere called for his prosecution. But the more the media vilified him the more his popularity rose, eventually 85%+, to be our next prime minister! Hilarious.

    1. I am starting to see a slow but subtle shift away from this far-left insanity, and I think it might have to do with their absence of a sense of humor. We all need a laugh from time to time (even at ourselves if need be). But the perpetually offended consciousness does not really allow for this.

      1. Yes, Boris is very shrewd too. He actually chose his words carefully and actually trapped several lefties who criticised him calling for prosecution but he then published several things these folks had said far worse several years ago. They shut up? 😂😂 I think he will undoubtedly will be our next PM, maybe in a few months when Theresa May is ousted. If not Boris then Rees-Mogg who is even funnier but makes lots of his jokes in Latin with reference to several Romans!

  2. in the form of Larry David or Woody Allen (we should be laughing at those pathetic half-men, not with them).

    In Game of Thrones, the midget character who is part of the lust/quest for power is called a “half man” by barbarians in the forest who are trying to kill him and his associate. Unlike Woody Allen, the dwarf actually demonstrates temperance and practical wisdom in attempting to ally his attacker’s emotions with the dwarf’s predicament, turning a disadvantage into an advantage, and making his getaway from a tight situation. One wonders if anyone in airy, liberal Hollywood could be so creatively survivalist as the littlest person on the Game of Thrones set.


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