I’m voting for Thrust by Herbie Hancock. Simple, creative and a nice representation of his style. Herbie is flying over Machu Picchu in a spaceship, and the console of his machine is a keyboard. He gazes into the distance with a pensive look.

Artwork should be accessible to the masses. It should elevate the human spirit, providing a simple yet powerful message. It’s not about tricking the people with postmodern shapes. Rather, it’s about affirming a universal life essence. The album cover to Thrust meets that lofty requirement.

The music is wonderful also. Herbie was still firmly entrenched in his funk era. Some people prefer his jazz offerings, but the Major has always sided the more commercial side of Herbie Hancock.

Have a listen…and enjoy:

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Best Album Cover in Music History?

    1. I say commercial in the general sense, since he has never really been mainstream per se. My lukewarm feeling towards his jazz is not really a slight against him as much as it is the genre in general (jazz being an acquired taste).

      His funk stuff is, in my opinion, as good as anything else out there in the genre (if not better).

      1. Ah yes. I know what you mean. I love jazz, but I agree it is an acquired taste. Especially the real stuff, rather than the canned Kenny G style stuff.

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