I was driving today when I heard the song “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.” Like so many romantic songs, the idea is nice. We feel a tingle. We reflect on romantic love. We reminisce on the feminine.

And yet, the opposite is true.

There ain’t no sunshine when a man is gone. Why is that? Because patriarchal headship is the foundation of FAMILY. It’s the buttress of HUMANITY. The husband is a promontory cliff, protecting his family from the vicissitudes of life.

So when a father absent, we find darkness. The energy of woman has nothing to cling to. So her life is a struggle, always in search of a masculine counterpart. And only this headship can lead her into a light.

There ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.

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6 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone

  1. absolutely!

    i only listen to the radio when in the car, and other than that often do not listen to music so am never current with what’s out there unless someone points me in a direction to a son. i’m one of those who loves silence 🙂

    anyway … heard Woman, Amen on the radio awhile ago … wonder what you think of these lyrics. (there’s another song i heard recently, but i can’t remember what it was, but it was so blue pill it was hard to listen to).

    1. It’s a well-written song.

      I have found a beautiful wife. That being said, the reality is that many people have not found the “person of their dreams”. So this song can ring hollow or fake to these individuals (especially men, since the song is written from a man’s viewpoint).

      So I like the tune, but I can empathize with people who find it to be unrealistic.

      1. interesting. i didn’t know if a red pill man would find it too leaning towards worshiping women … or if there is a place to be grateful for such a woman without worshiping her.

  2. Never understood that ain’t no sunshine when she is gone song

    Just pick up another bitch and rename her sunshine. Though I prefer calling them all darling but sunshine works too

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