This month, Major Styles has read the following books:

All of these were great. With Richard Wagner, we read about a man that rose into greatness: how he overcame a myriad of obstacles on his journey. With PT Barnum, we get advice on financial matters – how to increase your wealth and, subsequently, your life.  And with Marcus Aurelius, we read about the worldview of a famous Roman leader: and we find how his theories are closely related to Buddhism.

What are you reading this month?

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9 thoughts on “Three Books That I’ve Read in October

  1. Tom Sawyer, of course!

    To be fair, I’m not done with the last one yet, and I won’t be finished with it before midnight tonight. So I’m not ahead of you.

  2. Read Medations a lomg time ago. Occasionaly threaten myself with reading it again

    Outside of news and local events….. a shit ton on welding equipment and technology to make sure our fab shop stays on top, not books per say though

    1. SFC Ton, Meditations is good, but it was brought to my attention that Aurelius was a leader during Rome’s decline and was seen, by his peers, as being very liberal. Thus, his Buddhist type of thinking can be seen as a kind of defeatism/passivity and unwillingness to defend the empire from barbaric hordes in need of a good pummeling.

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