Your Personal Victories Come First

Your Personal Victories Come First

Periodically, I have to write same post – your personal victories come first.

Why do I say that?

Because in the United States, we’re invaded by a media circus. The Kavanaugh drama is just our newest example…we’ve seen this before. The media, salivating like an Ethiopian hyena and ready to strike. They spin sophistry and promote degeneracy. They drag America into a sick and never-ending cesspool.

The sicker you get, the stronger they become.

You gotta be happy. If you don’t shine, nobody else will feel your light. So you have to rise above. This means getting your house in order. Make sure the kids are fed, the bankroll is growing, and your spouse is happy. Everything begins at the dinner table.

Take a look in the mirror. Make sure you love what you see. Make you sure you dedicate every day to excelling at GOALS.

Your personal victories come first.

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