Below is an informative video. It deals with the software Alexa, marketed by Amazon, which is designed to answer any question. There is only one problem – every answer is aligned with a left-wing Weltanschauung: i.e. there are thousands of genders, Jesus was a fictional character, Communism was an effective system, etc:

What to do?

The mainstream is poison. On a related note, see 2:10 of the following Maroon 5 video “Girls Like You” where one of the celebrated woman is wearing an open-borders shirt. As the song goes “Nowhere to run baby, nowhere to hide.” Every nook and cranny of society is dominated by subterfuge.

We need to search at the local level. The heroes of today might be in the local clubs, concert halls, or cafes (assuming they haven’t been pozzed by the mainstream media). Or, we need to search for them in the annals of history (consider everything that is supposed to be bad as good and everything good as bad).

Our Weltanschauung was founded on lies. In this way, Alexa is no different than a high-school textbook. It’s goal is to rewrite history, undermining the growth of GREAT MEN, NOBLE WOMEN, and a healthy NATION STATE.

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7 thoughts on “How Amazon’s Alexa is Being Used to Promote a Left-Wing Ideology

  1. Change is coming though thanks to rebellious Eastern European countries like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy in the west. The crumbling EU lefties are being called out, a pity the UK government doesn’t have the guts, like Trump, to resist. I lay any odds you like in 2019 there will be massive civil unrest in the UK.

    1. Very true, Dr. B. As long as the internet is allowed to promote free speech, then the logic of the truth will rise to the surface and the natural order will take its place.

    1. My mother has one, El. I like you was not aware of its responses to those type of questions.

      I guess I’ll continue asking it to play music when I visit the parents.

  2. They’ve used Alexa in court cases… because it’s always listening (and recording). I believe it can even be easily hacked into, so that **other undesirable people** can listen in on what you’re saying in your home.

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