Here is a quick plot summary of the new version of A Star is Born (aka A Shiksa is Born) starring Lady Gaga.

  • Boy meets girl in a drag bar
  • Boy loses girl because he’s a drunken louse
  • Boy kills himself

This is what the (((media))) want for your sons. This is the world they’ve envisioned for them. His future is a lifeless body, swinging from the rafters of an empty room: see Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams, etc.

Will you wake up before it’s too late? Will you be able to steer your life in another direction? Will you have the courage to see that everything good is bad and everything bad is good?

Conversely, here is the movie from the “modern” woman’s perspective:

  • Girl is a stripper
  • Girl meets an Alpha male that sees the magic inside her
  • Girl becomes the legend she as destined to be
  • Girl continues on after alpha dies…no harm, no foul.

It seems better, but it’s really not. First off, your daughter should not be stripping. Secondly, she should not wait for a rock star to drag her out of a filthy gutter.

If she follows the advice in the movie, she’ll be the one swinging from the rafters – just look at how many modern women are currently on anti-depressants. The reason is not a debased nature; it’s because they’re following a debased Weltnschauung.

Satan is alive and well…and his name is Eric Roth. He is the Jewish writer of A Shiksa is Born and, like all his Satantic ilk, he receives a sick pleasure in polluting the spiritual waters of America. His joy lies in a discombobulated goyim, struggling to make sense of their crumbling lives.

There is no need to wait for Halloween to see monsters…they operate in the boardrooms and synagogues of Hollywood.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Summary of “A Shiksa is Born” (with Lady Gaga)

    1. I found this one incredibly intriguing. I’m interested in what you mean by “that’s what they want for your boys/men,” when referring to them ultimately being found having “committed suicide” and ALWAYS hanging. Like you mentioned…Bourdain, Williams, but also Chris Cornell (Soundgarden,) Chester Bennington (Linkin Park,) and do many more. Now, as of a couple days ago, it’s literally happened again.

      This time it was actually a musician you just mentioned in a piece about three up from this one. The guy’s name is Neal Casal. He played guitar for SO MANY VERY FAMOUS MUSICIANS. Two or three days ago, he was supposedly found hanging, and it’s been said it happened while he was home alone. The issue myself & many others have with this case (like almost all the other ones,) was people that were EXTREMELY CLOSE to Neal Casal (like close friends of the “suicided” before him) have said there’s “no way that guy killed himself. I guess anything is possible. But, it’s just too far out there for EVERY ONE OF THESE SUICIDES to be found from a self inflicted hanging. Way too many on the ever growing list.

      So my question, if you have any insight on this it would be so greatly appreciated; do you honestly think ALL these seemingly joyful and peaceful people (in almost ALL CASES and especially in the case of Neal Casal,) actually took themselves out? Or…is it more likely they were murdered and left to look like a suicide when authorities arrived? (Either because they had information that somebody didn’t want getting out, or for some other unbeknownst reason…?)

      1. Thank you, Ronald. I am well aware of Casal and was a fan of his talent. What a great voice he had.

        The fact that nobody saw any of the signs is telling. It shows how a debased Weltanschauung is the norm…how being healthy and sane makes you the oddity. I don’t believe he was murdered. Rather, from my perspective, he’s another sensitive/talented artist who could no longer tolerate life within a Jewish consciousness: i.e. communism, feminsim, racial conflict, CNN, circumcision, Kafka, Woody Allen, etc.

        It’s also noteworthy that nearly all these suicides are adult white males. The bullet lens has been on their foreheads for five decades and, eventually, they no longer find any value in life.

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