Have you heard of the series “What’s in My Bag?” It’s from Amoeba records. They walk a famous musician through the store and ask him/her what CDs they buy: i.e. what they put in their bag.

An interesting one was Chris Robinson (from the Black Crowes) and Neal Casal. Both are great players/singers, but their selections indicate how deep the Judiac control of music is. In particular, how the Jew controls the artistic sensibilities of the people he rules over.

Here were their three main suggestions…the records they supposedly like the most:

1.) Arthur “Big Boy” Crodup – One of these Howling Wolf type black artists from the 1920s. A good player/singer I’m sure. But in reality, did anybody ever really listen to them enthusiastically?  I even wonder if the European guitar players that were SO influenced by these black guitarists ever really listen to them: i.e. Rolling Stones, Clapton, etc. I would say no. I imagine it’s just something they’re supposed to say.

The other day, I realized how nobody I ever knew enjoyed listening to these old black guitar players: Howling Wolf, etc. I think that says something.

Say what you will about someone like Michael Jackson, but at least people listen to him. He has genuine fans as opposed to alleged fans.

2.) Judee Sill – Some forgotten female singer from the past. Perhaps she was good, perhaps not. Either way, Robinson says, “we need some more strong, feminine voices.” From that comment, I gather she’s not worth listening to. Predictably, she committed suicide. So score one for the (((globalists))).

They planted the Sylvia Plath seed into her mind, and she followed suit accordingly.

3.) John Rehnbourn and Wizz Jones – Two obscure English guitar players. Good sound from the little I heard. But the main gist was that Rehnbourn “hitch hiked to Afghanistan” during the 1960s and how, according to Neal Casal, that idea is “more important than ever” now. In other words, a European man gave up on his homeland to live in the future home of the Taliban. I am sure that a comment like that would receive full support from Cuckerberg over at Fakebook.  

Executive summary: These European geniuses from the past preferred the Arab world to Europe. So Sweden should be willing to let 2 million Syrian refugees flood into Stockholm.

Conclusion: Music is not merely sound. It conveys the Weltanschauung of a nation. It teaches people what to think, how to feel, etc. By watching a show like “What’s in My Bag?” we can see the Luciferian hand, working on the minds of the talented musicians of America.

3 thoughts on “An Analysis of Chris Robinson and Neal Casal on “What’s in My Bag?”

  1. Howling Wolf is the only one of them fuck sticks I’ve heard of

    The howling wolf cuts I have heard have been all distortion and reverb. Can’t tell if he was any good or not and old school blues makes up30-40% of my music options

  2. Ah – you DO KNOW that Chris and Rich Robinson’s father was half Jewish or partially Jewish…right? Also, just because someone moves to Afganistan or Pakistan doesn’t make them ‘pro Arab’ nor does your statement of how people will move there the land of the Taliban is all that correct. It’s like saying if you move to Alabama you are moving to the land of the Klan (Ku Klux Klan or Kylos – which means “Circle”). If you are into Nationalism, White Power, and Christianity – that’s all your choice. But don’t grasp at straws. And by the way, many musicians out there have bloodlines that follow the old testament. How do you think The Grateful Dead became so popular? Phil Lesh – his surname could have been modified from Lesher or Leshsten = Jewish. Their drummer’s last name sounds German but probably it’s an Ashkenazi name…Look at pictures of Jerry Garcia and tell me he doesn’t look like a Hasidic Jew? My last point to you is if you actually play music, you want to understand what artists are doing, you listen to all the dimensions…how intricate things are and or how simple they are, what range and pitch is the singing, and the depth and levity of the player, singer and lyrics or songs written – there is something beyond the physical in music…that’s what many non players do not understand – but that doesn’t make the artist a Satanist or someone who prances around to the 33 degree in the Free Masons and idolizes Lucifer – In fact, most musicians, when they find out an artist had anything to do with Satan or Lucifer will not really keep checking them out such as Bob Dylan, for example or Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. If musicians find out that other artists are on their path they stop trying to spend time with that artists songs. The true impregnation of Satan into the virgin souls of those who are balanced and understand righteousness begins with exploiting race between mankind so that they may work against each other and not with each other in balance, solace and unity…for this is the light…that is the spectrum…White power = Infection by Satan’s sperm….

    1. None of the people you mentioned could be Jewish for one simple reason: Jews are, by and large, incapable of creating great art. 2,500 years of history has proven that. There are no great Jews in music, philosophy, literature, etc. That’s why Jews always resort to the “Did you know that Goethe’s second cousin was Jewish” nonsense.

      As far as white power goes, this is just some shaming tactic that the kikes make up to silence people that are on to their game.

      The proper response to the Jewish tactic(s) of lying is to just hammer them over the head with a crowbar repeatedly.

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