The Greatest Mansion You Have is Lying Within Your Soul

The Greatest Mansion You Have is Lying Within Your Soul

Today we continue with the wisdom of ages. A favorite quote of mine from Marcus Aurelius in Meditations…one that I’ve shared with others for two decades:

Where does the common man go? Where does he live?

They [the common men]  seek for themselves private retiring places, as country villages, the sea-shore, mountains; yea thou thyself art wont to long much after such places.

Yes, so true. We think that the mansion on the hill will make us happy. We believe that the Time Share in the Tropics will bring us inner peace. We seek the “country village, the sea-shore, mountains” and so forth. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In Ancient Rome, many thought that they could buy their way into happiness.

You will find the seeds of contentment inside, but not the actual fruit.

And he continues…

But all this thou must know proceeds from simplicity in the highest degree. At what time soever thou wilt, it is in thy power to retire into thyself, and to be at rest, and free from all businesses. A man cannot any whither retire better than to his own soul;

Retire into thyself and be at rest.

The mansion is lying within your breastplate…the stairwell to Xanadu, leading into your consciousness. We turn on the television, hoping for answers. We thumb the pages of a periodical, praying for solace. Yet so much is futile. The search will always lead to a mirror.

The greatest mansion you have is lying within your soul.

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Be Deeply Dyed and Drenched in Righteousness

Be Deeply Dyed and Drenched in Righteousness

More wisdom from Marcus Aurelius. A few days ago, I shared for you a quote of his regarding reading and writing. Well today, I want to share another one of his ideas – on the composition of a man: how he walks…how he speaks.

What kind of man is he?

“…a wrestler of the best sort, and for the highest prize, that he may not be cast down by any passion or affection of his own; deeply dyed and drenched in righteousness, embracing and accepting with his whole heart whatsoever either happeneth or is allotted unto him.”

Wonderful words from the wisdom of yesterday.

Stand up straight. Live the Golden Rule and be a man of action. Avoid the gossip of old wives and weak-minded men. Remove wasteful thoughts from your mind. Set a lofty goal for yourself and attack it with diligence. Know that your victories are seen by others and that your ACTIONS say the most about you.

Keep your spirit fixated on the lofty goals you’ve set…regardless of the people that surround you.

And moreover, be a fair man. Treat others with charity, even when some might not deserve it. Speak with honesty and passion to the people around you. Avoid the hedge maze of sophistry. In short…

Be deeply dyed and drenched in righteousness.

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Las Vegas Massacre Proves That There Are, Indeed, Two Sides to Charlottesville

Las Vegas Massacre Proves That There Are, Indeed, Two Sides to Charlottesville

The media lambasted Donald Trump’s comments after Charlottesville. In short, the president implied that there were two factions involved. The first was a white supremacist, the other was a left-wing faction.

Since then, the media has called the President a white supremacist. How could he say there are two sides to the issue? How could he imply that his detractors were capable of violence? Everybody knows that the left has no extreme side!!!

And now we have this…50 dead in Las Vegas. The killer on the Anti-Trump bandwagon.

Las Vegas

Ironically, this will cause a spike in Trump’s approval ratings. The killer will have accomplished the exact opposite of what he hoping for.

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Was Sigmund Freud a Sham?

Was Sigmund Freud a Sham?

A new book on psychology is out: Freud: The Making of an Illusion. As the title implies, the book asserts that Freud was a sham. That his theories were ridiculous. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Frederick Crews has assembled a great volume of evidence that reveals a surprising new Freud: a man who blundered tragicomically in his dealings with patients, who in fact never cured anyone, who promoted cocaine as a miracle drug capable of curing a wide range of diseases, and who advanced his career through falsifying case histories and betraying the mentors who had helped him to rise.

The Major agrees…

When practically applied, Freud leads to confusion: i.e. self-doubt, skepticism toward’s one’s parents, and a questioning of your sexual desires. Subsequently, the great man becomes a half-man. He’s taught to replace confidence with a befuddled state. In many ways, he becomes a wandering Woody Allen…a pathetic schlep, lost in a cosmopolitan city.

Western civilization was built on a warrior class. The brave soldiers of ancient Greece and Rome that believed in the greatness of their society and were willing to fight to defend it. What would have happened if they were riddled with Freudian self-doubt? They surely would have been overrun by barbarian tribes. The great works of antiquity might never have been known.

Western civilization was built on the self-confident warrior …not the self-doubting disciples of Freud.

Perhaps that was the point all along…have the educational system anoint Freud as a demigod. Afterwards, the Western man will be psychologically weak and subsequently, more easily conquered.

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Meme of the Day

Meme of the Day


Justin Tru

The prize goes to Justin Trudeau, the president of great “white privilege” north. Canada… once a nation of rugged ice men – now a tattooed barista, serving a double foam soy latte. Canada was once a Saskatchewan Rough Rider…now it’s an a LGBT cheerleader. And eveything about its demise is embodied in this globalist shill. The illegitimate love child of Fidel Castro.

justin and fidel

Canada…I pray for you.

The Genius Can Never Be Fully Understood

The Genius Can Never Be Fully Understood

This point is made in The Idiot by Dostoevsky (via the character Hippolyte).

“Let me add to this that in every idea emanating from genius, or even in every serious human idea–born in the human brain–there always remains something–some sediment–which cannot be expressed to others, though one wrote volumes and lectured upon it for five-and-thirty years. There is always a something, a remnant, which will never come out from your brain, but will remain there with you, and you alone, for ever and ever, and you will die, perhaps, without having imparted what may be the very essence of your idea to a single living soul.”

Very true.

All the TED talks in the world cannot contain the complete essence of brilliance. All the self-help books, the Tony Robbins presentations…they’re all missing a key element: something that lies in the epicenter of brilliance.

Think of how a novel is written. Countless hours of contemplation, the dull hiss of the computer screen. The writer staring at a blank page, hoping to see the next paragraph of brilliance. How many thoughts are racing through his head? How many ideas that never make it to the page, yet are inextricably linked to the novel?

Think about a star athlete. Countless hours of practice, lifting weights in the back of the gymnasium. The moment of his public victory are proceeded by a million anonymous moments. How many days were not captured for the public eye? How many hours went un-televised, yet were tied to his ascension?

The genius is never fully understood. Something lies hidden—a spark in the fire that burns. An essential element, locked away from the vision of the crowd.

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How to Answer a Difficult Question

How to Answer a Difficult Question

How do you answer a difficult question? It’s very simple…by asking yourself a separate question:

Mr. Cleaver would choose a healthy life. He’d lean in the direction of patriarchal headship, or masculine honor. He’d lean in the direction of responsibility and courage. He’d lean in the direction of fatherhood—in other words, he’s the foundation of a country.

ward and june
Ward Cleaver was a proud American father with a loving family. In other words, an enemy of the Cultural Marxist agenda.

You should emulate Ward Cleaver—not Anderson Cooper or Bruce Jenner.

Are you ready to accept a throne? Are you ready to battle the forces of evil? The time has come for you to rise…the accept your place on the Stead of Wisdom. The world is waiting for you now…and you’re close to the Land of Promise.

Remember: Your happiness is a threat to the Mainstream Media. They receive an erection when you falter and they masturbate when you fail. They want you to have tattoos and abortions. They want your soul to be riddled with resentment. All they have is subterfuge—everything a duplicitous dealing. Everything a mixing of the message: one good, one bad, one good, one bad, etc.

Be like Ward Cleaver. He was the correct model…the Man of Honor.