On the Dangers of Sophistry

On the Dangers of Sophistry

What is sophistry? In short, it’s a theory that’s plausible but fallacious. In ancient times, there was actually a school of thinkers called the Sophists. Great thinkers have warned us about sophistry, urging us to avoid the trap.

What’s a modern example of a Sophist? Well, we have so many. For starters, the conspiracy fanatic is a sophist – he’s married to ideas that are partially true, but wholly incorrect.

So proceed with caution, my friends. Life is short and your time is valuable. Therefore, you should implement a strategy:

Do not continually engage with a sophist.

He’s not interested in exchanging ideas. He doesn’t care about intellectual  inquiry, historical observation, or philosophical analysis. He’s using the conversation as a front, covering up his true aim.

In short, the sophist is looking to weaken you as a man. By undercutting your knowledge, he can bring you down to his broken level. He’s a half-man,  incapable of scaling the ladders of greatness. So he tries to push over your ladder.

Stay on guard, my fellow Majors. Your time is valuable…your bank of knowledge must be protected with armed guards. The sophist would like to rob your mental bank account and leave you on the side of the road: a destitute man without a dollar of wisdom.

Are you ready to leave the sophistry behind?

You’ve studied the work of ancient minds. You’ve read about the achievements of GREAT MEN. Now hold fast….don’t let the charlatans of sophistry deter you.

You have a destiny with greatness.

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Read With Diligence and Write Without Affectation

Read With Diligence and Write Without Affectation

Marcus Aurelius was a sage. He gave advice on many practical matters, including composition. Here’s one of my favorites:

That I did not use to walk about the house in my long robe, nor to do any such things. Moreover I learned of him to write letters without any affectation, or curiosity; such as that was, which by him was written to my mother from Sinuessa: and to be easy and ready to be reconciled, and well pleased again with them that had offended me, as soon as any of them would be content to seek unto me again. To read with diligence; not to rest satisfied with a light and superficial knowledge, nor quickly to assent to things commonly spoken of. (from Meditations).

So true.

Finding a writing style is difficult. We’re surrounded by some many voices in this regard. And it’s easy to lose our path…to mimic the phrasing or wording of others. So what’s the solution?

Be direct and to the point: i.e. write without affectation. By doing so, you’ll capture the normal pattern of speech. You’ll directly address the reader (as opposed to having your literary representative speak to them).

And when it comes to reading…do it with diligence! Another nice reminder. It’s so easy to skim, to skip, etc. As the modern acronym goes, TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read). But what do we gain, really? It’s better to read five pages with passion than fifty with ambivalence.

Meditations is a book for all times. It’s a Bible of practical philosophy. And it becomes more relevant with each passing day…

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The Question That I Ask Before I Fall Asleep

The Question That I Ask Before I Fall Asleep

Did I live today to the fullest?

I ask this every night as I put my head to the pillow. You see, the Major was almost dead once. Medical complications during a heart surgery. And for a minute my life was hanging in the balance. Even with the modern surgery of today, I was still lucky to survive.

But God was on my side. He pulled me through to live another day. I was knocking on heaven’s door, but there was nobody home…yet.

So why was I brought back? For what purpose?

I ask myself that everyday and a fire burns inside of me. A fire to make something of a second chance. A desire to repay God for the grace he bestowed upon me. The desire to do more, to be more…to see my name upon the billboards of achievement. To sing a song of victory in the battlefields of despair.

I live the with sacred obligation – to repay God for his opportunity.

To make the most of everyday. To live my life to the fullest. To maximize whatever talents I’ve been given.

Did I live today to the fullest? Only when I answer “yes,” am I able to sleep comfortably.

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You Should Aim for Lofty Accomplishments

You Should Aim for Lofty Accomplishments

Are the things you accomplish unique? Or can anyone do them?

If your trophies are common, then nobody will care about you. They won’t care about your Facebook postings, your daily affairs, etc. And the reason is simple…anybody can do the ordinary.

Anything of value takes hard work and time. Success is rooted in a thousand minute details…boring events on a Wednesday afternoon. For the musician, this means the practicing of scales. For the He-Man, it means running on a thread mill for hours. And for the author, it means reading supplementary material to strengthen his writing skills. None of these actions will go public. Nobody will applaud the boring reality that goes on “behind the scenes.”

So you have to dedicate yourself to the process. Set the goal and do the work. Be focused and diligent. Ignore the detractors…your goal is a golden cup. You should should see your name in the history books of tomorrow.

Thomas Carlyle said it best…

“The history of the world is but the biography of great men.”

Thomas Carlyle
Carlyle would not believe in a participation trophy, no doubt. He believed in the GREAT MAN.

So true. When somebody tells you, “I can’t do this because I have kids,” then you are speaking to a loser. GREAT MEN have children…and they accomplish GREAT THINGS. So stop using that excuse as a crutch. Do more, be more. Shake free of the weakness that clouds your mind.

Go for something higher…something beyond the commonplace. Only then will you be interesting to others and, ultimately, gain the adoration you seek. Are you a warrior or a child? Decide right now. Pick up the staff of determination and fight, my lad!

You should aim for lofty accomplishments.

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Guilt Trips are the Weapon on the Weak

Guilt Trips are the Weapon on the Weak

How does the weak man rise? How does he assume the seat of power? He cannot do it by his talent, his intelligence, or his will. So he resorts to another strategy…guilt.

Guilt and Initiative – John the Baptist | GodTalk Vermont
Id the guilt you’re carrying deserved? Or is it being used against you by unethical people?

So what will you do, strong man? How will you react to the guilt trip? You can acquiesce, admit you’re evil, and grovel at the degenerate feet of the weak man. You can agree to flagellate yourself for the sins of your father, your grandfather, and your great-grandfather. You can apologize for the history you had no part of. You can apologize for sins you never committed.

No…here’s something better!

Punch the weak man in the nose. Drive him out of your home. Protect your family with firearms if the weak man (or woman) is invading your space. Proclaim your strength, your self-worth, and your nobility.

Fighting back against Mirai botnet - Information Age
The GREAT MAN should never back down to the hustler of guilt.

Martin Luther said it best in Table Talk. You can never passively adhere to your faith. For if you do, your faith will be eradicated. Soon, your nation will be overrun by heretics. They’ll destroy your tradition and religion. So what will you do? Practice peace? Apologize for living? No…Martin Luther was right. A faith is only protected by the sword. And the very house you live in – and the freedoms your family enjoy – are paid for by the blood of others.

So you can never surrender to the degenerate agenda of the weak. Their life is misery.

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The Money You Spend is Based on Your Value System

The Money You Spend is Based on Your Value System

Financial books are ubiquitous. For example, you have The Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon, etc. And of course, millions of lesser-known financial books line the market. The advice is there for the taking: how to invest, how to save, etc. Yet the books never mention something…

The money you spend is based on your value system.

For example, a circumcision can cost around $5,000 in Manhattan. Hasidic Jews—many of which are very wealthy—are happy to pay that money! They could have invested their money in a stock, real estate, a mutual fund, etc. But instead, they spent the money on a mohel (Jewish rabbi) that will suck the blood from the baby’s penis (I’m not making that up…see this link). In short, the Hasidic Jew has a different set of values than Major Styles. And their expenditures reflect those values.

Personally, I would never let a mohel fellate my newborn child. I have a different set of values than the Hasidic Jew. Instead, I would take that $5,000 and buy a ticket for Tahiti or Thailand. If the tickets were sold out, I could find a million more ways to spend that cash.

So what is your value system? Have you thought about that?

You need to have one. If you don’t have a clearly defined value system, then the parasitic media will provide one for you: i.e. feminism, existentialism, socialism, etc. Before long, you’ll find that you’re one of their puppets, dancing for their pleasure.

The money you spend is based on your value system.

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Obsession Leads to Greatness

Obsession Leads to Greatness

Have you seen a professional bodybuilder? If so, ask yourself a question: how did he get that way?

The answer is simple—he became obsessed with a goal. The goal dominated his life, 24 hours a day. It became a part of his DNA. While others were fixated on CNN, he was pounding weights in a gym. While some were agonizing about the past, he was planning his macros for the week. And while others were eating pizza, he was shopping for protein powder.

The obsessed man is a GREAT MAN. He’s the hero of tomorrow’s children. You can find his name in a history book or on a park statue.

OCD…ha! That’s a fucking joke. A trap, set by the losers of the world. They want you to slow down, to stop your ascension. So they tell you that a positive is a negative. A complete lie! What’s next? Why not say that a rich man has a paper addiction? Or the guitar virtuoso is abuser of nylon strings.

No! We refuse to back down! We refuse to surrender our obsessions. Life is short ride, so we’re committed to our happiness. We’re dedicated to making the most of the journey. We don’t like depression, loneliness, or insecurity. So we fight back! We jump out of bed, ready for the ongoing battle….

Never surrender, my friends!

Obsession is not a disease—it’s the trademark of the GREAT MAN.