Who is the Most Successful American Musician of All Time?

Who is the Most Successful American Musician of All Time?

If we judge by number one hits, then the answer is George Strait.

Let’s look at the biggest stars in American music:

  • George Strait = 60 number ones
  • Elvis Presley = 20 number ones
  • Michael Jackson = 13 number ones

That’s right. George Strait has nearly double the number one hits of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley COMBINED! He has more number ones than any artist in any genre of music. Moreover, he sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and he once gave a concert that drew 104,000 (beating the previous record of 87,000, held by The Rolling Stones).

So now the obvious question…if George Strait is so amazing, then why don’t we hear more about him? You’ll get a lot of answers…and nearly all of them are wrong! “Well, perhaps reason #1, or perhaps reason #2…and so forth.”

The Major knows why…

The media despises heritage America.

George Strait is a cowboy from Texas. And his songs are about romantic love and patriotism. Moreover, he’s been married to the same woman since 1971.

george an dwife
George has been married to the same woman (Norma) for 45 years. This fills the media with hateful venom

The music industry was once noble; however, now it’s a cesspool of dysfunction. Everything they applaud is degenerate or broken: i.e. Miley Cyrus wearing a dildo outfit, Snoop Dog singing about murdering the President, etc.  They’re a weapon of cultural agitprop, inseminating your children with a Satanic Semen.

Miley Cyrus is more celebrated by the media than George Strait…gee, I wonder why?

George Strait has never received full credit. The reason is because he’s happily married, sings about positive love, and loves the United States. In short, he represents everything that the mainstream media despises.

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Was Sigmund Freud a Sham?

Was Sigmund Freud a Sham?

A new book on psychology is out: Freud: The Making of an Illusion. As the title implies, the book asserts that Freud was a sham. That his theories were ridiculous. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Frederick Crews has assembled a great volume of evidence that reveals a surprising new Freud: a man who blundered tragicomically in his dealings with patients, who in fact never cured anyone, who promoted cocaine as a miracle drug capable of curing a wide range of diseases, and who advanced his career through falsifying case histories and betraying the mentors who had helped him to rise.

The Major agrees…

When practically applied, Freud leads to confusion: i.e. self-doubt, skepticism toward’s one’s parents, and a questioning of your sexual desires. Subsequently, the great man becomes a half-man. He’s taught to replace confidence with a befuddled state. In many ways, he becomes a wandering Woody Allen…a pathetic schlep, lost in a cosmopolitan city.

Western civilization was built on a warrior class. The brave soldiers of ancient Greece and Rome that believed in the greatness of their society and were willing to fight to defend it. What would have happened if they were riddled with Freudian self-doubt? They surely would have been overrun by barbarian tribes. The great works of antiquity might never have been known.

Western civilization was built on the self-confident warrior …not the self-doubting disciples of Freud.

Perhaps that was the point all along…have the educational system anoint Freud as a demigod. Afterwards, the Western man will be psychologically weak and subsequently, more easily conquered.

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You Should Aim for Lofty Accomplishments

You Should Aim for Lofty Accomplishments

Are the things you accomplish unique? Or can anyone do them?

If your trophies are common, then nobody will care about you. They won’t care about your Facebook postings, your daily affairs, etc. And the reason is simple…anybody can do the ordinary.

Anything of value takes hard work and time. Success is rooted in a thousand minute details…boring events on a Wednesday afternoon. For the musician, this means the practicing of scales. For the He-Man, it means running on a thread mill for hours. And for the author, it means reading supplementary material to strengthen his writing skills. None of these actions will go public. Nobody will applaud the boring reality that goes on “behind the scenes.”

So you have to dedicate yourself to the process. Set the goal and do the work. Be focused and diligent. Ignore the detractors…your goal is a golden cup. You should should see your name in the history books of tomorrow.

Thomas Carlyle said it best…

“The history of the world is but the biography of great men.”

Thomas Carlyle
Carlyle would not believe in a participation trophy, no doubt. He believed in the GREAT MAN.

So true. When somebody tells you, “I can’t do this because I have kids,” then you are speaking to a loser. GREAT MEN have children…and they accomplish GREAT THINGS. So stop using that excuse as a crutch. Do more, be more. Shake free of the weakness that clouds your mind.

Go for something higher…something beyond the commonplace. Only then will you be interesting to others and, ultimately, gain the adoration you seek. Are you a warrior or a child? Decide right now. Pick up the staff of determination and fight, my lad!

You should aim for lofty accomplishments.

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Why the Music Videos of Kenny Chesney are Feminist Tripe

Why the Music Videos of Kenny Chesney are Feminist Tripe

Kenny Chesney has a wonderful voice. In addition, he has a team of professional songwriters that work for him. Nashville veterans that top understand the template of songwriting: i.e. the alternation of a rhyme scheme between the verse and chorus, a bridge that adds new information to a theme, etc.

So Kenny Chesney has a great voice, along with excellent lyrics. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is simple…feminist intrusion

The music videos of Kenny Chesney are feminist tripe to the trained eye; and it turns an otherwise beautiful song into a piece of divisive agitprop.

Let’s go through the list:

1.) Anything But Mine

This is a great ballad. It’s a song about a man in love with a woman. However, take a look at the music video. At 1:22 of the video, the woman tries to kick the man in the head. Because, you know…every man loves to be physically assaulted.

The reason is simple. The music industry is run by a diabolic group of feminazis. And their goal is the destruction of anything beautiful or sacred. Don’t believe me? Read the Scum Manifesto of Valerie Solano It’s filled with beautiful lines like the following:

“Every man, deep down, knows he’s a worthless piece of shit.”

“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.”

What a gal, no? Unfortunately, she’s not just a random troll. You see, she’s a feminist…and feminism is the dominating agenda of the day – extending from the White House to the Music Industry.

2.) She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

This a fun, albeit corny song. However, the beat is great and so is the message. Again, it’s about a man in love with a woman.

Let’s take a look at the first verse of the song:

Plowin’ these fields in the hot summer sun
Over by the gate lordy here she comes
With a basket full of chicken and a big cold jug of sweet tea

I highlighted the important part – a woman is walking toward the man with a basket full of chicken and a jug of sweet tea. That’s what every hard-working man wants – to see a beautiful woman willing to dote on him.

Now you at the video around 0:28. This is the scene that corresponds to the line.

If you’ll notice, the woman DOES NOT have a basket of chicken in her hand, nor a jug of sweet tea. So why the the producers of the video leave that out? Their job is to match the video to the lyrics.

The answer is simple…they left out the scene because they did not want to offend the feminist factions of the audience. It’s obvious.

3.) Don’t Blink

This is another great song. It’s about putting value in the present…in your family and children. A wonderful message.

Notice again how the video producers infect the video with their Satanic semen. The video opens with an old man, sharing his life lessons. At around 0:30, he tells us to cherish our parents…”especially mother.”

Once again…the feminism doesn’t end. The video gets destroyed by placing one parent over the other. Essentially, it disrespects the fathers of the world by adhering to the Satanic cult of Abzug/Steinem/Dworkin.


Do you think Kenny Chesney is aware of this? Perhaps…but there might not be anything he can do about it. The music industry is ruled by the dark forces of humanity, a den of adders. So you have to sell your soul along the way.

Remember, country music is “heartland music.” therefore, it’s the enemy of the globalist agenda. By injecting it with feminism, they can poison the lives of innocent Americans.

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Meme of the Day

Meme of the Day


Justin Tru

The prize goes to Justin Trudeau, the president of great “white privilege” north. Canada… once a nation of rugged ice men – now a tattooed barista, serving a double foam soy latte. Canada was once a Saskatchewan Rough Rider…now it’s an a LGBT cheerleader. And eveything about its demise is embodied in this globalist shill. The illegitimate love child of Fidel Castro.

justin and fidel

Canada…I pray for you.

Who Invented the Mobile Gas Chamber?

Who Invented the Mobile Gas Chamber?

According to Two Hundred Years Together, written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (he of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970) it was not Adolph Hitler. Nor was it any number of his Nazi henchmen: i.e. Eichmann, Hess, Himmler, etc.

It was a Jewish man named Isai Berg.

Let’s dig deeper into the excerpt (page 274):

And from the astonishing disclosure in 1990 we learned that the famous mobile gas chambers were invented, as it turns out, not by Hitler during the World War II, but in the Soviet NKVD in 1937 by Isai Davidovich Berg the head of the administrative and maintenance section of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast

As it turns out, Jews were active participants in the Soviet crackdown on freedom. Of course, they were not 100% responsible for these murder, torture, and kidnapping. However, they were partially responsible – a point that our history books have never told us.

A true reading of history will show that Jewish people, just like all other people, are capable of human cruelty.

We’re fighting a war for truth…and it’s time that more American Jews begin to speak it. True, we have some based members of the tribe: RIP to Jerry Lewis. But we don’t have nearly enough. And they can start by using their power (i.e. control of the media) to stop assaulting the honor of Donald J. Trump.

A note to America and Europe: The barbarians (i.e. Muslim terrorists) are not at the gates…they are inside the gates. So we need to get our shit together. This means that the liberal Jewish contingency of the West – from the Hollywood elite to the Beltway bureaucrats – need to realize something quick.

The United States and Europe are the best friends that the Jewish people will ever have; and they are twenty times safer within its borders than they are in Cairo, Libya or Mali.

Guilt Trips are the Weapon on the Weak

Guilt Trips are the Weapon on the Weak

How does the weak man rise? How does he assume the seat of power? He cannot do it by his talent, his intelligence, or his will. So he resorts to another strategy…guilt.

Guilt and Initiative – John the Baptist | GodTalk Vermont
Id the guilt you’re carrying deserved? Or is it being used against you by unethical people?

So what will you do, strong man? How will you react to the guilt trip? You can acquiesce, admit you’re evil, and grovel at the degenerate feet of the weak man. You can agree to flagellate yourself for the sins of your father, your grandfather, and your great-grandfather. You can apologize for the history you had no part of. You can apologize for sins you never committed.

No…here’s something better!

Punch the weak man in the nose. Drive him out of your home. Protect your family with firearms if the weak man (or woman) is invading your space. Proclaim your strength, your self-worth, and your nobility.

Fighting back against Mirai botnet - Information Age
The GREAT MAN should never back down to the hustler of guilt.

Martin Luther said it best in Table Talk. You can never passively adhere to your faith. For if you do, your faith will be eradicated. Soon, your nation will be overrun by heretics. They’ll destroy your tradition and religion. So what will you do? Practice peace? Apologize for living? No…Martin Luther was right. A faith is only protected by the sword. And the very house you live in – and the freedoms your family enjoy – are paid for by the blood of others.

So you can never surrender to the degenerate agenda of the weak. Their life is misery.

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