Who Were the Carib Indians?

Who Were the Carib Indians?

The Caribbean is named after the Carib Indians. They were the dominant tribe when the Europeans arrived in the Western Hemisphere (circa 1500 AD). The media, as well as Western academics, will rarely talk about the Caribs. So who were they really? And what were the like?

To find out the answer, I’ve been reading a book entitled A History of St. Kitts: The Sweet Trade by Vincent Hubbard. The book shines a light on the Caribs. Essentially, we learn about a psychotic group of individuals.

Here’s a brief rundown:

1.) Genocide and Bridal Theft

“…the Caribs had attacked and killed all the Arawak males and taken their women as slaves,” (p. 10).

2.) Cannibalism

“During wars there is good evidence that parts of the enemies’ bodies were eaten, the theory being that consuming these parts would impart the courage of the vanquished to the victors,” (p. 11).

3.) Animal Cruelty

“Giant iguanas five feet long and one feet thick were common. Unfortunately for themselves, they were not afraid of humans and were thus easily killed by running a sharp stick through the nostril into the brain as the Indians [Carib] did, or capturing their necks in a rope noose hung from the end of the pole,” (p. 2-3).

In short, the Caribs came to terrorize. We can barely fathom the devastation they brought to the people of the area: the Arawak, the Taino, etc. Can you imagine being an Arawak woman in the year 1450? One day, your village is attacked by the Caribs. Your husband and son are killed and then cannibalized. And then you become a sex slave to the men that murdered your family.

Sounds lovely.

I cry for the White Man’s pollution, but not for Arawak women that are turned into sex slaves by other Indian tribes.


Growing up in the 1970s, I learned that Indians were a peaceful race that lived in harmony with the land. They were magical tribes that shared a kinship of brotherhood. They gathered in a land that overflowed with gentility and grace.

What a sham that was! In reality, many tribes were guilty of atrocities: they were warlike, brutal, and savage. The strong tortured the weak, the greedy plundered the innocent. There was murder, rape and bloodshed.

As we review these facts, we can see that modern Americans were fed a lie; we were told an alternative view of history. The reason for this should be obvious. We were told lies so that we could cultivate a hatred for our national history: i.e. animus toward white, Christian Americans. By cultivating this hatred, we could then be dangled from the puppet strings of Max Horkheimer.

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