On the Greatness of John Fogerty

On the Greatness of John Fogerty

Recently, I got a chance to see John Fogerty in concert. I was reminded how iconic and talented he is. Often times, we hear about the greatness of a musician. Yet it seems like a rumor…some far-away reality. But when we see the artist in person, the truth of their name becomes apparent. We realize that we are looking at a GREAT MAN.

To recap, Forgerty does it all…

  • He writes number one hit songs
  • He plays all the solos
  • He sings well
  • He understands how to musically construct a song
  • He plays piano well
  • He plays the harmonica well
Fogerty can write music, sing, and play solos. Very few musicians can do ALL of these well.

Also, Fogerty is not a left-wing communist. True, he did write “Fortunate Son” back in the 1960s. This was a song that derided military service. However, we should not hold this against him. Making “anti-America” songs was the only way for an artist to become famous back then (note how Bob Dylan was only “relevant” to the press during the 1960s).

The song “Fortunate Son” allowed Fogerty to be accepted by the seditious media. He’s later atoned for his youthful idealism.

So Fogerty was applauded for making “Fortunate Son.” However, Fogerty has recently atoned for his youthful idealism. He recently collaborated on a pro-military song with country star Brad Paisley. By making the song, Fogerty is showing that his youthful idealism was a moment in time – he’s now a grown-up man.

In short, I recommend that you see John Fogerty in concert. America can be proud of its Fortunate Son. He is a multi-talented individual with an impressive body of work.

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