On Promoting Gay Rights With Your Children

On Promoting Gay Rights With Your Children

Yesterday, I came across a photo of an old classmate. I went to middle school with him and, to this day, I have vivid memories of him. He was a strong boy, excelling at athletics. Baseball, football…you name it. He was an Alpha on the playground of my youth. Even the school bully was afraid of him.

Fast forward to now…

Today he’s a single father, promoting gay rights with his young daughter. How do I know this? Well, on his Facebook profile, he’s posing with the aforementioned daughter.  Their picture is superimposed with a rainbow flag and, in the left-hand corner, we find the slogan “Gay Rights Are Human Rights.”

Homo kids
The media is encouraging you to discuss transsexualism with your children.

For a moment, I tried to imagine my father doing this. What if when I was a child, he took a photo of us and wrote “I Support Transsexualism” on top of it? What would his contemporaries think ? What would people of any historical time period or country think of his actions? The answer is simple – they would call him crazy.

We need more than a positive attitude. We need a discerning eye. We need to stay committed to sanity, ignoring the false utopias of relativism. Generally speaking, be suspicious of a “new trend” in the media:

The Bible puts it well (Corinthians 11:14):

Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

*It should be noted that my old classmate is single. Women, despite their sympathetic nature, find beta males to be disgusting. No woman ever said, “Someday I’ll find a man that fights for gay rights!” So it makes sense that the mother of his child left him, looking for a man with a masculine purpose.

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Why You Should Install the “Kill News Feed” Option in Facebook

Why You Should Install the “Kill News Feed” Option in Facebook

Like so many others, I have a Facebook account…and it’s a love-hate relationship. On the positive side, it’s a great way to connect with acquaintances. On the negative side,  you’re presented with information that pollutes your mind: i.e. political ramblings, dinner photos, attention whoring, etc.

About a year ago, I found a wonderful solution. It’s an app, available through Google Chrome, entitled “Kill News Feed.” When you install the application, your Facebook wall will be removed. You won’t any postings (unless you choose to visit somebody’s page).

Your page will look something like this:

kill news
Your Facebook page will look like this after you install “Kill News Feed”

I found this to be a wonderful addition. Now, I only use Facebook for two reasons: 1.) To check my mail;  2.) To review the information from a small group of friends (3-4 people, really).

So that’s it…that’s all you have to do. Install “Kill News Feed” and watch as the Facebook wall die a slow – yet deserving – death. You’ll no longer have to see what a co-worker ate for dinner. You’ll no longer have to see your neighbor’s political ramblings. And you’ll no longer be accosted with fake news on the right-hand side of the page.

Here is a helpful video, for all you visual learners:

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The Only People That Care About You Are Your Family and – if You’re Lucky – a Friend or Two

The Only People That Care About You Are Your Family and – if You’re Lucky – a Friend or Two

A man I know just died. He was a musician that—for many years—threw parties at his home. Every month, the players in town would gather at his house, drink beer, and jam out. This went on for a long time.

Then he got sick…Stage 4 Cancer.

Two people came to visit in the hospital—his brother and son. That’s it…only two people. What happened to the 700 Facebook “friends”? Where did everybody go? Well, they were too “busy”…they had important things to do: like re-arranging the sock drawer, etc.

But when he died, the “friends” did a 360…

All of a sudden, his Facebook page was flooded with eulogies: “You were the greatest” and “Thanks for everything,” etc. All the “friends” were now jockeying for position on the social media highway, fighting for a chance to appear empathetic. They were posting photos, writing poetry.

A week earlier, only two people stood at his death bed. But now that he was gone, hundreds of people were commenting on his social media feed. Did they love him, or do they love social validation? Were they posting for him, or for themselves? Was the sadness real, or was it just a lie?

You know the answer…

Social media is a distortion of reality. It’s a false connection, a pseudo relationship. If you put all your faith in the digital realm, then don’t be surprised if it lets you down.

The only people that care about you are your family and—if you’re lucky—a friend or two.