Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone

Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone

I was driving today when I heard the song “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.” Like so many romantic songs, the idea is nice. We feel a tingle. We reflect on romantic love. We reminisce on the feminine.

And yet, the opposite is true.

There ain’t no sunshine when a man is gone. Why is that? Because patriarchal headship is the foundation of FAMILY. It’s the buttress of HUMANITY. The husband is a promontory cliff, protecting his family from the vicissitudes of life.

So when a father absent, we find darkness. The energy of woman has nothing to cling to. So her life is a struggle, always in search of a masculine counterpart. And only this headship can lead her into a light.

There ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.

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You Have to Support the Prejudice of Your Spouse If You Want to Stay Happily Married

You Have to Support the Prejudice of Your Spouse If You Want to Stay Happily Married

Everybody has a prejudice. For some, it might relate to a group of people: blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, etc. For others, it might relate to a topic: abortion, adoption, patriotism, etc. The prejudice comes from years of personal experience. And by the time that person becomes an adult, the prejudice becomes ingrained in their personality. If you remove the prejudice of the individual, you remove an important aspect of their personality.

Again, everybody has at least ONE prejudice.

If you want to stay happily married, you have to support the main prejudice of your partner. You can’t play the contrarian: “Yes honey, but…” Or, “I don’t think you’re considering the following…” Only a fool would contradict their spouse in this regard.

man and wife
They supported the prejudices of one another for 50 years

My wife has a prejudice against a certain group of people. But she is not alone…every woman that I’ve dated has had a prejudice of some sort! So I never contradict her. I either agree with her or remain silent. And she does the same for me; she understands the bias I have on certain topics and she never contradicts me in this regard.

The secret to marriage is being able to respect the discrimination and bigotry that lies in your partner.

Relationship experts will tell you the opposite. They’ll tell you to overcome your bias, to live in a cotton-candy universe. They’ll repeat the globalist agenda of the day…all the while ignoring the realities of marriage. In short, they reserve the right to be secretly prejudiced, yet they want you to remove yours.

Remember: If you want to stay happily married, you have to support the prejudice of your partner.

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Is It True That Nobody Cares?

Is It True That Nobody Cares?

The other day I was listening to a crazy woman. She was ranting about some bullshit, really. Her mouth was moving and the bile was flying out. During her tirade, I was completely apathetic (Zero Fucks Given as they say); moreover, my sentiment was shared by the people that surrounded her – nobody else gave a shit either.

I was happy.  Thank God her words were being ignored! She was talking to the sky, basically…and her complaints were falling into an Ocean of Apathy. But then I realized a horrible thing: the same could be said about me.

That when all is said and done, nobody cares about my passion or my life’s work.

Perhaps the Major is more eloquent, more poetic, etc. But at the end of the day…it might be the same result. Nobody cares. The only people that care about me are my family and a few close friends.

The ax swings both ways….for better and for worse.

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On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

Recently, I was speaking to an older man that I know. We were talking about the challenges of life. This man – let’s call him Andy – is an “asexual”. In short, he’s never been married, has no girlfriend, and has no plans of acquiring one. To my knowledge, Andy  is straight (although who knows what happens in the dead of night).

Eventually, about twenty minutes into the conversation, I was reminded of something…

An asexual man cannot give adequate advice to a family man.

The reason is simple (but increasingly convoluted the United States of Androgyny). A straight man is faced with challenges that the androgynous man avoids. Here’s just a few of them:

  • How do you handle the emotional complexities of your wife?
  • What lesson(s) will you teach to your daughter? To your son?
  • How do you handle sexual temptation as a married man?

These are just a few, but I can list a hundred more.

The asexual man does not deal with these daily challenges. He’s looking at the Freeway of Love from a distance. He’s not willing to get into the squared circle, to put on the boxing gloves and fight. He’s waving the white flag on the Battlefield of Romance.

Therefore, the asexual man cannot guide the family man. He’s not facing the same obstacles; he’s not climbing a similar mountain. He’s not running in the same race.

Only somebody that walks in your shoes will know how they feel.

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A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

Years ago, I met a great woman (let’s call her Carol). She was kind and beautiful. Moreover, we had “chemistry”: a polite word for good sex. There was only one problem…

  • Carol was 44, divorced, and a mother of 4 children
  • I was 38, childless, and looking to start a family

Eventually, we had to “call it quits.” I was honest with her, telling her that I was looking to start my own family. Thankfully, Carol was mature and she understood my decision; we parted ways like two rational adults. It was a bit sad though (like many breakups are). However, my decision was based on the following idea:

A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

Now, almost ten years later, I have the most beautiful daughter. She’s a carbon copy of me, which is a beautiful thing. And every day I thank God that she’s in my life…that the Good Lord has blessed me with a little angel.

daddy and duagher
Every day I thank God for my daughter…and she was only born because I had the courage to make a difficult decision.

Periodically, I think back to my time with Carol. If I would have continued with her (and followed my “emotions”) my daughter would not exist. Thankfully, I followed my logical side and I’m so much happier for it.

A man that wants his own family should never compromise. If he does, he’ll always wonder “What if?” He’ll always think about the road he never took: the mountain he never climbed. And the emptiness will lead to regret: a regret that, in the dead of night, will turn into an anger against his wife.

He’ll come to believe that his wife cajoled him against his will, forcing him to miss the Castle of his Dreams.

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Gold is Nothing When Compared to the Love that a Father Has for His Daughter

Gold is Nothing When Compared to the Love that a Father Has for His Daughter

Years ago, I held a woman in my arms. She was sobbing on the floor and tears were flowing down her cheeks. Her chest was heaving…the tears were from a place that was deep in her soul. An agony that was at the epicenter of her existence. A pain that was profound…a cut that could never be healed.

That woman was my ex-wife.

What was she crying about?

It was about the father she never knew. A man that died two months before she was born. On a summer day in 1978, he had a heart attack as he was pouring coffee in the morning. He was only 48 years old…and he would never get to meet his unborn daughter.

And so she grew up…a little girl in the world. And yes, she had a mother that loved her. She had cousins and uncles that cared. But it wasn’t enough. For every year, there was somebody missing. Every Christmas, there was a present that was not under the tree.

What she was missing was a FATHER.

Year after year, an absence grew in her soul. The magical love that only a father could bring. A thousand kisses that she never received. A million hugs that she never felt. All the support of a father…his golden advice. An infinite love that was waiting for his little angel.

What grew inside of her was the Grand Canyon of Emptiness. A Marianas Trench of Despair. A cut that could never be healed.

If only she could have known him! Just to hold her Daddy for a day…to feel his strong support. To stand within his protective arms! She would have paid a million dollars to have felt it – if only for a minute.

My dear reader, gold is nothing when compared to the love that a father has for his daughter.

I could not save my marriage. She was too far gone. By the time I got her, the damage had been done. I tried, but it was futile. Nobody could put her back together again. The more I tried, the more painful it became. I was drawn closer to the fire. I saw a pain that I was not ready to see. And I felt an agony that was too deep for my life.

A house is constructed from the floor upward. If the foundation is not set correctly, then the house will always be wobbly.

Never let anybody tell you that a father is insignificant. Never let anybody tell you that a woman can “Do it on her own.” Never let anybody tell you that “The Future is Female.” It’s a giant lie. A media trick…

For gold is nothing when compared to the love that a father has for his daughter.

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The Only People That Care About You Are Your Family and – if You’re Lucky – a Friend or Two

The Only People That Care About You Are Your Family and – if You’re Lucky – a Friend or Two

A man I know just died. He was a musician that—for many years—threw parties at his home. Every month, the players in town would gather at his house, drink beer, and jam out. This went on for a long time.

Then he got sick…Stage 4 Cancer.

Two people came to visit in the hospital—his brother and son. That’s it…only two people. What happened to the 700 Facebook “friends”? Where did everybody go? Well, they were too “busy”…they had important things to do: like re-arranging the sock drawer, etc.

But when he died, the “friends” did a 360…

All of a sudden, his Facebook page was flooded with eulogies: “You were the greatest” and “Thanks for everything,” etc. All the “friends” were now jockeying for position on the social media highway, fighting for a chance to appear empathetic. They were posting photos, writing poetry.

A week earlier, only two people stood at his death bed. But now that he was gone, hundreds of people were commenting on his social media feed. Did they love him, or do they love social validation? Were they posting for him, or for themselves? Was the sadness real, or was it just a lie?

You know the answer…

Social media is a distortion of reality. It’s a false connection, a pseudo relationship. If you put all your faith in the digital realm, then don’t be surprised if it lets you down.

The only people that care about you are your family and—if you’re lucky—a friend or two.