On the Popularity of Country Music

On the Popularity of Country Music

Numbers talk…bullsh*t walks. And when it comes to music, you either sell out the large arenas or you don’t. You either have an army of fans or you don’t. In this regard, country music is king.

How do we know this? Well, let’s take a look at Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world. And more specifically, let’s take a look at the T-Mobile arena. That’s the new stadium, situated right off the strip: i.e. next to the New York, New York Casino and across the street from the MGM. The biggest acts in the world will play there.

The T-Mobile arena is the new “place to be” in Las Vegas: home to a professional hockey team and major performers.

In the last four months, who sold out that arena more than any other artist? Was it The Rolling Stones? Was it Jennifer Lopez? Was it Justin Timberlake? The answer is no to all of them.

The answer is country music star, George Strait.

In the last four months, George Strait has sold out the T-Mobile arena more than any other artist in any genre.

In the last four months, Strait he has sold out the T-Mobile arena a total of six times. That’s more than any artist is any genre. The mainstream media has not covered this trend. That’s because they hate what country music symbolizes: i.e. nationalism, romantic love, family, etc. These values are in opposition to the (((Deep State))). Therefore, country music is a thorn in the side of Schiff and Schumer—a painful reminder that Americans still love simple and beautiful things.

*On a related note, it’s now plausible that the Mandalay Bay shooter was a setup by the Deep State: an attempt to murder a group of conservative concert goers, thus instilling fear into that demographic.

In summary, when it comes to numbers, country music is king. It’s about ticket sales and dollars…and you either sell out the major arenas or you don’t.

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How the Song “Ocean Front Property” Shows the Difference Between a Male and Female Listener

How the Song “Ocean Front Property” Shows the Difference Between a Male and Female Listener

Ralph Murphy, the Vice-President of ASCAP,  has a lot of wisdom on music. One of his most interesting points is that men and women process a song differently; in short, men “hear” the lyrics, whereas women “listen” to them.

The point is exemplified in a song called “Ocean Front Property” by George Strait (a former #1 hit on the country chart). When I first heard the chorus, I thought it was stupid: “I got some ocean front property in Arizona”.

“Impossible!” said the Major. What the hell is he talking about? How can you have ocean front property in Arizona?

ocean front
The Major thought of this when he heard, “I got some ocean front property in Arizona.”

Years later, I watched a video of George Strait and Kenny Chesney. They were singing “Ocean Front Property” at Texas Stadium; coincidentally, it was the largest single-show concert in the history of the United States – 104,793 in attendance. At any rate, the first thing I noticed were the women. They all knew the lyrics to the verse, and they were singing along emphatically.

So I went back and read the lyrics again:

If you leave me
I won’t miss you
And I won’t ever take you back
Girl your memory
Won’t ever haunt me
Cause I don’t love you
Now if you’ll buy that…

Now the song made sense. The verse shows a man who doesn’t love a woman, while the chorus exposes the verse as a lie. In short, he’s still madly in love with her. It’s a theme that can be stated in the following ways:

  • “Girl, I want you back”
  • “My baby done left me”
  • “Woman I miss you”

How many other songs have a similar theme? Literally thousands. So what makes “Ocean Front Property” a number one hit? Well, a number of things…but perhaps the most important this is the following – it repeats a popular theme in a unique way.

Most men, like myself, will listen to the song and hear the beat or chorus. Conversely, most women listen to the lyrics to the entire song. When they do, they find a pleasing message: an old flame is still thinking of them, aching over “what might have been.” Because women can relate to that. Most women know a man “got away “: a man they loved, but were unable to keep.

Nashville songwriters are the best in the game. They know their audience (women) and they craft messages that speak to them. In the case of “Ocean Front Property,” three people wrote the tune: Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran, and Royce Porter. There is strength in numbers, indeed.

The words of Ralph Murphy are so true: men and women process a song differently; men “hear” the lyrics, whereas women “listen” to them.

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How Rhyme Scheme and Pronouns Are Used to Create a Hit Song

How Rhyme Scheme and Pronouns Are Used to Create a Hit Song

“Troubadour” by George Strait is a hit song: and 34 million views on YouTube will attest to my claim.

When we analyze the lyrics, we see the art of songwriting at work; in particular, the use of effective rhyme scheme and pronoun.

I still feel 25 most of the time.
I still raise a little cain with the boys.
Honky Tonks and pretty women,
But Lord I’m still right there with ’em
Singing above the crowd and the noise…

The rhyme scheme here is AB/AAB. This sets the table for the rest of the song, and he’ll contrast it later against the chorus.  The structure matters. Professional songwriters will never repeat a rhyme scheme in both the verse and chorus.

Secondly, he’s writing in the first person (I/Me/My). Again, we see an important element of songwriting. A hit song is always in the first and second person: it’s me/you and never he/she. Some examples?

  • “Lady…for so many years I thought I’d never find you.”
  • I’ve got you…under my skin”
  • I left my heart in San Francisco.”
  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

You get the picture. The pronoun is critical to a hit song…a point that was made by Ralph Murphy, the vice-president of ASCAP. The next time that you hear a hit song, take note of the pronoun.

And now on to the chorus…

Sometimes I feel like Jesse James
Still tryin’ to make a name.
Knowing nothing’s gonna change what I am.
I was a young troubador
When I wrote in on a song.
And I’ll be an old troubador when I’m gone…

Notice that the rhyme scheme has changed: we’re on to AAB/ABB. It’s a subtle change, yet a profound one. The listener can notice a difference (if only on a subconscious level). Also, we’re still in the first person. Introducing a different pronoun would confuse the listener.

Now, we’re on to the second verse…

Well the truth about a mirror…
Is that a damn old mirror…
Don’t really tell the whole truth.
It don’t show what’s deep inside.
Or read between the lines.
And it’s really no reflextion of my youth…

The rhyme scheme here is different than the opening verse. The reason? Very simple…the listener gets bored easily. So the songwriter has to alter the pattern to pique the interest. Logic would dictate that we repeat the rhyme scheme from the first verse. But a talented songwriter knows better. You have to do something different if you don’t have a bridge (which the song doesn’t).

Needless to say, George Strait did not write this song; he knows better. Instead, he hired a pro to do the work for him. And Strait focused on what he does best – singing. Every man is born with a talent. And sometimes the talent involves knowing what you CANNOT do, as opposed to what he can do.

Enjoy the song…and notice how the fundamentals of songwriting come together.

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The Difference Between a 10 pm Voice and a 7 am Voice

The Difference Between a 10 pm Voice and a 7 am Voice

Good singers fall into two camps: those with a 10 pm voice and those with a 7 am voice.

The 10 pm singer is in tune. When the band changes key, he changes with them. He might apply a bit of vibrato to the end of note for effect. And he knows the words to the song well enough. The audience continues to drink, because his voice is not disjointing or alarming. The final conclusion? He can sing.

The 10 pm singer is good…but not good enough.

The 7 am singer is great…on a recording! On a recording, all the nuances of a person’s voice are captured. If the voice has a glitch, it’s amplified tenfold. A 7 am voice is amazing or it isn’t. It’s legendary or its boring. It gives you goosebumps or it doesn’t. It’s a winner or a loser.

At 7 am, you will know if a singer is fantastic or not.

We have many examples on this point. Take Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia. Hunter had great lyrics and a decent voice…but Garcia had a wonderful voice. Take Dean Del Ray and George Strait; Del Ray has a decent voice, but Strait has a special one. These are but two examples. And from these comparisons there comes an important lesson. If you’re a great songwriter, but an average singer, it’s better to let somebody else sing your songs.

The goal is to be GREAT – not average.

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Who is the Most Successful American Musician of All Time?

Who is the Most Successful American Musician of All Time?

If we judge by number one hits, then the answer is George Strait.

Let’s look at the biggest stars in American music:

  • George Strait = 60 number ones
  • Elvis Presley = 20 number ones
  • Michael Jackson = 13 number ones

That’s right. George Strait has nearly double the number one hits of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley COMBINED! He has more number ones than any artist in any genre of music. Moreover, he sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and he once gave a concert that drew 104,000 (beating the previous record of 87,000, held by The Rolling Stones).

So now the obvious question…if George Strait is so amazing, then why don’t we hear more about him? You’ll get a lot of answers…and nearly all of them are wrong! “Well, perhaps reason #1, or perhaps reason #2…and so forth.”

The Major knows why…

The media despises heritage America.

George Strait is a cowboy from Texas. And his songs are about romantic love and patriotism. Moreover, he’s been married to the same woman since 1971.

george an dwife
George has been married to the same woman (Norma) for 45 years. This fills the media with hateful venom

The music industry was once noble; however, now it’s a cesspool of dysfunction. Everything they applaud is degenerate or broken: i.e. Miley Cyrus wearing a dildo outfit, Snoop Dog singing about murdering the President, etc.  They’re a weapon of cultural agitprop, inseminating your children with a Satanic Semen.

Miley Cyrus is more celebrated by the media than George Strait…gee, I wonder why?

George Strait has never received full credit. The reason is because he’s happily married, sings about positive love, and loves the United States. In short, he represents everything that the mainstream media despises.

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