Your Personal Victories Come First

Your Personal Victories Come First

Periodically, I have to write same post – your personal victories come first.

Why do I say that?

Because in the United States, we’re invaded by a media circus. The Kavanaugh drama is just our newest example…we’ve seen this before. The media, salivating like an Ethiopian hyena and ready to strike. They spin sophistry and promote degeneracy. They drag America into a sick and never-ending cesspool.

The sicker you get, the stronger they become.

You gotta be happy. If you don’t shine, nobody else will feel your light. So you have to rise above. This means getting your house in order. Make sure the kids are fed, the bankroll is growing, and your spouse is happy. Everything begins at the dinner table.

Take a look in the mirror. Make sure you love what you see. Make you sure you dedicate every day to excelling at GOALS.

Your personal victories come first.

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Divide Your Resolutions into Categories

Divide Your Resolutions into Categories

Divide your resolutions for the new year into categories: i.e work, health, financial, etc. Attack a variety of goals. Move in on multiple positions. Make sure that every section of your life is excellent…don’t settle for anything less.

A man is not happy with a solitary victory – he always wants more. For example, you can become a millionaire; but if your romantic life is a failure, then you won’t be complete. You can have an amazing body; but if you’re financial failure, then you won’t be fulfilled. Just look at Robin Williams. He had more fame than a man could ask for…and yet it wasn’t enough. He committed suicide, leaving a wife and children behind.

So divide your resolutions into categories. And be sure to write them down. Goals that are not codified become dust in the wind…

2018 stands before you. Are you ready to attack?

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What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Let’s take another look at this famous poem:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Why would any GREAT MAN defer his dreams? He’s in a battle against the forces of evil, looking to ascend the mountain of prosperity. He’ll accept nothing less than total victory. He won’t sleep until he’s wearing the champion’s crown. He would NEVER defer his dreams.

Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?

Who cares what happens to the failed dreams of a loser? If he/she lacks the courage to grab the chalice of glory, then so be it. His failure is dry, it’s wet…well, who cares?

Or fester like a sore–
And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

It probably does fester. Again, who cares? Life’s too short to contemplate the broken dreams of others. It will get you nowhere and waste your time.

The important questions are this: Are YOU chasing your goals? Are YOU smashing through the obstacles? Are YOU overcoming the challenges? These questions should mean more to you than the wilted dreams of another man.

Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Probably not. Failed dreams have a way to making people bitter. The only exception is when the dream is quite large (becoming a rock star, playing major league baseball, etc.). In this case, the individual can feel somewhat content that he gave it his best shot.

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Again, who cares what happens to the failed dreams of a loser? Does it sag or explode….that’s not your problem.

A GREAT MAN is relentless in his pursuit of a goal…he doesn’t wonder what happens to the “dream deferred” of another man. He’s too busy slaying demons, making plans, and completing goals. He gets up in the morning and a fire burns in his belly. He won’t rest until he’s taken part in the glorious battles of life.

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Be Deeply Dyed and Drenched in Righteousness

Be Deeply Dyed and Drenched in Righteousness

More wisdom from Marcus Aurelius. A few days ago, I shared for you a quote of his regarding reading and writing. Well today, I want to share another one of his ideas – on the composition of a man: how he walks…how he speaks.

What kind of man is he?

“…a wrestler of the best sort, and for the highest prize, that he may not be cast down by any passion or affection of his own; deeply dyed and drenched in righteousness, embracing and accepting with his whole heart whatsoever either happeneth or is allotted unto him.”

Wonderful words from the wisdom of yesterday.

Stand up straight. Live the Golden Rule and be a man of action. Avoid the gossip of old wives and weak-minded men. Remove wasteful thoughts from your mind. Set a lofty goal for yourself and attack it with diligence. Know that your victories are seen by others and that your ACTIONS say the most about you.

Keep your spirit fixated on the lofty goals you’ve set…regardless of the people that surround you.

And moreover, be a fair man. Treat others with charity, even when some might not deserve it. Speak with honesty and passion to the people around you. Avoid the hedge maze of sophistry. In short…

Be deeply dyed and drenched in righteousness.

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Obsession Leads to Greatness

Obsession Leads to Greatness

Have you seen a professional bodybuilder? If so, ask yourself a question: how did he get that way?

The answer is simple—he became obsessed with a goal. The goal dominated his life, 24 hours a day. It became a part of his DNA. While others were fixated on CNN, he was pounding weights in a gym. While some were agonizing about the past, he was planning his macros for the week. And while others were eating pizza, he was shopping for protein powder.

The obsessed man is a GREAT MAN. He’s the hero of tomorrow’s children. You can find his name in a history book or on a park statue.

OCD…ha! That’s a fucking joke. A trap, set by the losers of the world. They want you to slow down, to stop your ascension. So they tell you that a positive is a negative. A complete lie! What’s next? Why not say that a rich man has a paper addiction? Or the guitar virtuoso is abuser of nylon strings.

No! We refuse to back down! We refuse to surrender our obsessions. Life is short ride, so we’re committed to our happiness. We’re dedicated to making the most of the journey. We don’t like depression, loneliness, or insecurity. So we fight back! We jump out of bed, ready for the ongoing battle….

Never surrender, my friends!

Obsession is not a disease—it’s the trademark of the GREAT MAN.

You’re Always Doing Algebra

You’re Always Doing Algebra

Algebra is, quite simply, a game of “find the missing” number. What does X mean? What does Y mean? What number do you need to solve a problem?

Let me present three ways that you do algebra as an adult:

  • A spouse you’re trying to meet
  • A diet you’re trying to implement
  • A financial strategy you’re learning about

You’re always looking for a missing number, for something to complete your life. You’re always searching…always looking. Always waiting for dessert, hoping for a cherry to top your cake.

You’re always doing algebra.