The “Nice” Man is Not a Great Man

The “Nice” Man is Not a Great Man

What does it mean when a man is “nice”? It sounds like a compliment, no? Well it’s actually an insult.

In short, it means that he’s polite; he smiles a lot…he’s not intimidating.

Nice indicates a surface greeting, a casual exchange. It’s equivalent to Southern hospitality. It shows that he’s learned the basic structure of human interaction. It’s like getting an award at school for attendance. You achieve the basic, which is nothing.

My dear readers, always remember this: GREAT MEN ARE NOT NICE.

A friend used to tell me, “When you meet a man, you should feel something pushing back against you. You should feel the energy of resistance.”

Very true!

A great man is defined by his allegiance to lofty ideas, by his desire to pursue a passionate goal. His spirit is a guitar solo by Eddy Van Halen. His energy is red wine, spilling over the cup. He fires a cannon at the island of insecurity. He’s a captain on the ship of confidence.

And the great man’s enemy is the weakling – aka, the “nice” man. The “nice” man surrenders to the challenge, agrees to be ordinary. The “nice” man shuffles into the distance. His spirit is dejected and peevish. His energy is confusion. The best he can do is “nice”…because he has nothing else!

There’s an old cliche…”Nice guys finish last.” But it really means “Weak men are eventually exposed.” They can only hide for so long. Eventually, their dim lighting is replaced by the fires of a great man.

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