Why Have We Not Heard About Stanley Jordan Becoming a Woman?

Why Have We Not Heard About Stanley Jordan Becoming a Woman?

Stanley Jordan is a virtuoso guitar player. He rose to fame in the 1980’s for his unique style, playing two guitars at the same time.

While he’s not the household name of somebody like Paul McCartney, he’s been VERY successful. Jordan was signed to BMI, put out 14 albums, and has played with some of the top musicians in the world: Quincy Jones, Kenny Rogers, Dizzy Gillespie, etc. In addition, he has appeared on a host of television shows, from Johnny Carson to Dick Cavett. He’s also been nominated for 4 Grammy awards. So needless to say, his musical resume is impressive.

stnaley jordan
Stanley Jordan in the 1980s, when he rose to fame

Fast forward to today…

Somewhere along the way, Jordan started dressing in women’s clothing. I don’t know the proper term here: transsexual, cross dresser, etc. Nowadays, a litany of names are applied to “gender.” Let’s just say that Jordan went crazy.

stanley jordan
Stanley Jordan today, dressed like a woman

The media has remained silent on Jordan’s transformation. Granted, Jordan didn’t have the same kind of celebrity as Bruce Jenner. That being said, he’s a mid-level star and one would expect a little press on the matter (especially considering the media’s obsession with breaking gender rules). But a random google search reveals nothing. By the media ignoring the topic, it shows that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

A random Google search provides no information about Jordan’s sex change. Coincidence? You silly child…

Why have we not heard of Jordan’s sex change? The answer is complex, yet terribly simple.

Jordan’s transformation does not serve the goals of Cultural Marxism: i.e. destroying the lives of white Christian males.

The important point here is that Jordan is black. If his story was publicized, many American blacks would become alienated with the liberal cause. They would see that Jordan’s degradation was encouraged by the larger, white society; in particular, by liberal democrats.

In short, Jordan’s sex change is a black eye on the face of white liberals – it shows how their values have denigrated the lives of black Americans. Subsequently, the story has been erased from social media for the benefit of the left-wing agenda.

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Timing is the Bedrock of Music

Timing is the Bedrock of Music

The most important aspect of musicianship is timing—you either have it or you don’t. This goes for all instruments: drums, guitar, etc. If you don’t have timing, then you won’t get far in music. You’ll never shine brightly. And more specifically, you’ll always struggle when performing with other musicians. Your jams will be disjointed, confusing, and lacking in magic.

I’ve seen hundreds of musicians over the years. And I’ve learned that there is something inherent to a sense of rhythm. It’s something in your bones: you feel the music, it bleeds through you. You lock into the drums and bass inherently. You don’t need to think about counting, since you count without thinking. You strum in synchronicity with the cosmos, directly connected with the Gods of Music. You are a conduit for the Great Wave of Sound.

Timing should come natural to the musician

If you need a metronome, then you’re not a musician. When a music teacher senses that a student is having trouble with timing, he’ll send him home with a metronome. But this is usually not effective. It’s like teaching somebody with two left feet to dance. It’s like teaching a stuttering person how to speak publicly. In short, the student is not a natural. It’s like when Elton John tried to marry that woman—it sounded good on paper, but it was a failed experiment at the end of the day.

Great musicians do not rely on  machines for timing (unless they are recording)

The one exception to this metronome solution is in the recording studio. It’s necessary to use a metronome in this setting, since recordings must be perfect. But the dynamics of a studio are different than a live performance.

In life, it’s best to focus on your strengths. The sooner you do this, the better. So if you have a poor sense of timing, then it’s best to focus on something other than music. There are millions of possibilities, and your true calling is lying in another place.