Regarding a Red Pill Episode of “Happy Days” (The Not Making of a President)

Regarding a Red Pill Episode of “Happy Days” (The Not Making of a President)

Years ago, there was a great episode of Happy Days called “The Not Making of a President.” The show was dripping with red-pill wisdom. In Manosphere terms, it details the danger of being a beta male; but more importantly, it shows how a liberal woman can manipulate a weak man.

In this episode, Richie Cuninngham falls in love with Debbie Howser. She’s a liberal, campaigning for Adlai Stevenson in the 1956 presidential race. Richie is smitten, so he becomes a Democrat as well. Moreover, he defies the family tradition of voting Republican and alienates himself from his father.

Richie becomes a Democrat to win the vagina respect of a liberal woman.

Richie dons a beta-male cape, hoping to “get the girl.” He puts a Stevenson bumper sticker on his car, organizes the campaign headquarters, and gives a public speech. He even does research on Stevenson and tries to impress Debbie with political facts. In short, he does everything in his power to win her vagina approval.

Richie becomes the “male feminist,” adopting a political view in the hopes of winning a woman’s vagina respect.

Debbie is excited about Richie’s lap-dogging. She encourages him to work for the campaign and donate his time. She even flirts with him, using his attention to bolster her self-esteem (emotional tampons were alive and well in the 1950s). In short, she allows Richie to become a beta male orbiter.

But then Stevenson loses…

So what happens? Does she reward him for being a “nice guy”? Do they start a passionate love affair based on political idealism? Thankfully, no. The show stays true to reality.

Debbie dumps him like a hot potato! Richie is crushed. He realizes that she never cared about him and that his political efforts were in vain; she was merely using him for attention. In short, he was the socio-political tampon of a liberal woman.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Richie’s situation is similar to the plight of today’s “male feminist.” He believes that a liberal woman will reward him for his political virtue signalling. In truth, he’s being taken for a ride. The sexual marketplace does not care about politics. It’s based on hypergamy and game.

Politics will never change the realities of the male/female dynamic.

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