Hitler’s Bar Mitzvah

Hitler’s Bar Mitzvah

I’ve noticed that conspiracy theories are like a drug addiction. It starts with a little hit….a small injection on a Friday night. Perhaps an enthralling two hours of JFK by Oliver Stone. The mystery leaves you with a cerebellum rush! But then addiction deepens. You start overdosing on false flag theories, Reptillian shape shifters, and space aliens in Egypt.

From there, it’s a only a short jump to another outlandish theory – Hitler was Jewish. I’ve heard this bandied about on the internet. And the other night, a neighbor of mine repeated this idea. I just nodded (it’s best not to disagree with people you see on a regular basis). Save the arguments for things that matter!

I’ve actually read Mein Kampf. And from that book, it’s pretty clear that Hitler hated the Jewish people. He discusses  – in great detail – the reason behind his hatred. He provides a number of examples, anecdotes, etc. But nowhere in the book does he mention a Jewish uncle, a bar mitzvah, or a circumcision. His autobiography, not to mention the history of WW2, should be ample proof that he hated the Jews.

We could discuss the implications of the theory in detail. Was WW2 a globalist hoax? Was Hitler a planted stooge, put into power by the world banking industry? Or was the entire war a theatrical front…an event that never even existed? All of these questions are pointless, of course.

Conspiracy theories are rarely about the conspiracy; they’re mostly about the theorist and his quest for power.

The conspiracy theorist is trying to subvert your knowledge. He’s trying to convince you that your ideas cannot be trusted. To use a Manosphere term, he’s trying to gaslight you. By inserting false information about the past, he can make you question your own sanity. And when the confusion reigns, he can assert his power over you.

Now I’m not stubborn or pig-headed. I’m willing to learn new things, or to deepen my knowledge. But outlandish theories require proof! We need examples, anecdotes, or studies. We need empirical evidence.

Show me photos of Hitler’s Bar Mitvah and I’ll believe that he was Jewish.

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Who Invented the Mobile Gas Chamber?

Who Invented the Mobile Gas Chamber?

According to Two Hundred Years Together, written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (he of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970) it was not Adolph Hitler. Nor was it any number of his Nazi henchmen: i.e. Eichmann, Hess, Himmler, etc.

It was a Jewish man named Isai Berg.

Let’s dig deeper into the excerpt (page 274):

And from the astonishing disclosure in 1990 we learned that the famous mobile gas chambers were invented, as it turns out, not by Hitler during the World War II, but in the Soviet NKVD in 1937 by Isai Davidovich Berg the head of the administrative and maintenance section of the NKVD of Moscow Oblast

As it turns out, Jews were active participants in the Soviet crackdown on freedom. Of course, they were not 100% responsible for these murder, torture, and kidnapping. However, they were partially responsible – a point that our history books have never told us.

A true reading of history will show that Jewish people, just like all other people, are capable of human cruelty.

We’re fighting a war for truth…and it’s time that more American Jews begin to speak it. True, we have some based members of the tribe: RIP to Jerry Lewis. But we don’t have nearly enough. And they can start by using their power (i.e. control of the media) to stop assaulting the honor of Donald J. Trump.

A note to America and Europe: The barbarians (i.e. Muslim terrorists) are not at the gates…they are inside the gates. So we need to get our shit together. This means that the liberal Jewish contingency of the West – from the Hollywood elite to the Beltway bureaucrats – need to realize something quick.

The United States and Europe are the best friends that the Jewish people will ever have; and they are twenty times safer within its borders than they are in Cairo, Libya or Mali.