Photos of Dallas: Then and Now

Photos of Dallas: Then and Now

Here’s a photo of Dallas on the day JFK was shot dead (November 22nd, 1963):


We see five young women in the front. They’re all skinny, dressed formally, and have a pleasant demeanor.

Fast forward 54 years…and here’s a photo of in Dallas in 2017:


Sad! Texas was a great land. From its noble loins came the representatives of genius: Dwight Eisenhower, Robert Dennard, Jerry Jones, etc. The seeds of American greatness could be found in the lands of the lone state. And now, by 2030, 6 out of every 10 Texans will be overweight. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Never forget…the honorable person can be defiled. The virtuous can be soiled. The man of greatness, sucked into the vortex of evil. Always stay vigilant, my friends. Always keep your eyes peeled, looking for the potholes of disaster. Always sat awake…aware…battling the forces of darkness.