The Far-Left is Forever Married to the “Muh Russia” Conspiracy

The Far-Left is Forever Married to the “Muh Russia” Conspiracy

The Comey decision will finally end the “muh Russia” controversy. Remember when the wage gap was bedunked? Or what about the campus rape myth? The liberals gave up on the lies!

Oh wait…never mind.

The liberals ALWAYS double down. When you catch them in a lie, they don’t apologize; instead, they go for the bigger lie. The whopper gets larger. They accuse you of doing of what they just did. They gaslight.

Remember the recount? We found out that Democrats were tampering the ballots, and not the Republicans. But the Libs never apologized. Instead, they invented the “muh Russia” conspiracy.

Fifty years from now, the libs will still be crying about Russia – it’s now part of their identity.


Why Liberals are Unable to Acknowledge Islamic Terrorism

Why Liberals are Unable to Acknowledge Islamic Terrorism

I’ve been to several Islamic countries: Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Malaysia. In addition, I’ve traveled to many areas that have been hit by Islamic terrorism: i.e. Southern Thailand, the Philippines (Palawan), most of Europe, etc. Also, I’ve actually read the Koran. So while I’m not an expert, I know more about Islam than the average liberal Westerner.

My experience has taught me this; Most Middle Easterners are decent people and their food is very good: kabobs, hummus, etc. However, there is a very real problem with terrorism. Moreover, the Middle East is, by and large, a depressing shit hole. The famed Arab “hospitality” is virtually non-existent; if anything, the Westerner has to worry about continually being scammed or even attacked. Overall, it’s a place of poverty, genital mutilation, and despair.

You won’t find many left-wing hipsters in Cairo…

My perspective is very different from the Western liberal (the majority of which have never visited the Middle East or read the Koran). So that begs the question…why are liberals unable to acknowledge Islamic terrorism?

Let me give you the top three reasons:

Liberals Hate White People

Liberals have been trained since birth to hate white people. Kathy Griffin, for example, is a perfect example of how the “down-with-whitey” disease has metastasized. At the recent press conference, she offered the following reason for her decapitated head “joke.”

“I’ve been bullied by older, white men my whole life.”

What she really means is, “I’ve been ignored by older, white men my whole life.” But let’s hold off on the psychoanalysis for the moment (and we are analyzing a psycho, make  no mistake about it).

With her back against the wall, Griffin played the “old white man” card. She did this for one reason – she knows the Weltanschauung of the far left. Everything they believe is centered on a hatred of white men. So the left will overlook what is, essentially, an act of treason against the President. And they’ll repeat the well-worn excuse – the white man did it.

Liberals Believe in Rousseau’s Concept of the Noble Savage

Rousseau coined the term “noble savage.” It’s the idea that the brown peoples of the earth are an idyllic race – they live in harmony with the land, peacefully interacting with butterflies and baby deer. They hold hands and sing in unison. War, slavery, torture…all foreign concepts to them. Sadly, their utopia was overturned when the white Europeans arrived.

Rousseau was…well, misguided.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pre-Colombian America, as well as tribal Africa, were home to innumerable atrocities. For example, roughly 1/3 of Oregonian Indians were slaves prior to the arrival of the Spanish. Another example can be found in The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (1789), which provides an account of the Islamic slave trade in Western Africa: i.e. Equiano was stolen from his home by black slave traders, brought to the West African coast, and sold to Europeans.

There was nothing “noble” about Indians enslaving one another, or stealing African children from their beds in the middle of the night. Believing otherwise makes you intellectually inferior…not to mention a liar.

Liberals Don’t Travel to Islamic Countries

Most liberals are single/ugly women; the rest are young people (idealistic) or beta-male simps. These women present themselves as loving and accepting. In reality, they don’t want to visit – much less live in –  the Islamic countries of the world.

When was the last time you heard a liberal woman say, “I’m moving to Qatar!” Or how about, “I can’t wait to spend next summer in Algeria!” That’s a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is never. If they were so concerned about Muslims, then they would visit the Middle East. But they don’t have the courage to go there. So instead, they base their impressions on the small percentage of Muslims that have the money/education to live in the West – a minuscule sampling, at best.

lib meme
The meme that captures is well…

Remember: Liberal women only want to visit affluent areas. For example, look at how many movie stars talked about moving to Canada when Donald Trump won the presidency. Canada…not Bolivia, Senegal, or Mexico. So very brave! Taking a stand against injustice from an air-conditioned coffee house in Vancouver. Or contemplating the horrors of racism from a five-star restaurant in Montreal.


The Middle East has been going downhill since the 7th century (when Islam supplanted the local religions).  It’s now a region that’s dominated by stone-age thinking and brutal ideologies. And most urgently, the pestilence of terrorism.

Only a delusional person could ignore this fact…in other words, a Western liberal.

The Difference Between a Conservative Victory and Liberal Victory

The Difference Between a Conservative Victory and Liberal Victory

Conservative soldier to wife: “Gee honey, you’ll never believe what I did. I single handedly defeated 50 ISIS fighters in a firefight. My courage brought democracy to a small village in the rural mountains of Iraq!”

Wife to husband: “That sounds great, but I have some bad news. Our daughter got two arm-sleeve tattoos and is undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. She says that you have no right to protest because you’re a cisgendered, white male.

The degenerate left will happily take the second victory…and take it all day long. They want your Church, your spouse and your child. They want to poz you with their spiritual sickness. They want to denigrate the fundamental fabric of American society. And they’ve used the public school system, the press and Hollywood as their weapons. For fifty years, they’re been doing a brash, touchdown dance on the football fields of America.

Silly conservatives…they became satisfied with moral victories in distant lands. Meanwhile, while these conservatives were deployed overseas, their homeland was being spiritually sodomized. Their noble land, a country overflowing with natural grandeur, being overtaken by the forces of darkness—the idealistic foot soldiers of the diabolical Max Horkheimer. The degenerate left was laughing in hysterics…the right was too stupid, too riddled with PTSD to ever wake up. Victory was on the way—Hillary would arrive, a proud feminist, to hammer the final nail in the American coffin.

But then they got grabbed by the pussy.

Why do liberals despise President Trump? It’s quite simple—he’s dared to challenge their control of the culture. That’s the liberal sacred cow, their Dome of the Rock. He dared to challenge Rosie O’ Donnell, Meryl Streep and Hamilton—for liberals, these things are 100 times important than the lives of Iraqi children. These “artists” are the conduit for cultural poison. If you remove them, there is no way to denigrate the noble spirit of America.

Never forget—we’re fighting a culture war. If you don’t know what you’re fighting for, then you’ve already lost.