You Have to Support the Prejudice of Your Spouse If You Want to Stay Happily Married

You Have to Support the Prejudice of Your Spouse If You Want to Stay Happily Married

Everybody has a prejudice. For some, it might relate to a group of people: blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, etc. For others, it might relate to a topic: abortion, adoption, patriotism, etc. The prejudice comes from years of personal experience. And by the time that person becomes an adult, the prejudice becomes ingrained in their personality. If you remove the prejudice of the individual, you remove an important aspect of their personality.

Again, everybody has at least ONE prejudice.

If you want to stay happily married, you have to support the main prejudice of your partner. You can’t play the contrarian: “Yes honey, but…” Or, “I don’t think you’re considering the following…” Only a fool would contradict their spouse in this regard.

man and wife
They supported the prejudices of one another for 50 years

My wife has a prejudice against a certain group of people. But she is not alone…every woman that I’ve dated has had a prejudice of some sort! So I never contradict her. I either agree with her or remain silent. And she does the same for me; she understands the bias I have on certain topics and she never contradicts me in this regard.

The secret to marriage is being able to respect the discrimination and bigotry that lies in your partner.

Relationship experts will tell you the opposite. They’ll tell you to overcome your bias, to live in a cotton-candy universe. They’ll repeat the globalist agenda of the day…all the while ignoring the realities of marriage. In short, they reserve the right to be secretly prejudiced, yet they want you to remove yours.

Remember: If you want to stay happily married, you have to support the prejudice of your partner.

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What Happens to Men that Marry Overseas?

What Happens to Men that Marry Overseas?

When a Western man goes to the third world, he interacts with the local women. He might start by visiting prostitutes, or by dating a non “working” girl. Eventually, if he decides to live there, he falls into one of two categories:

Type 1—Married with children to a beautiful, local woman. Truth be told, he’s in high demand wherever he goes: Germany, France, the USA, etc. But he’s chosen a foreign land. The local women can see that he’s powerful, that he’s on a higher level. His vision of the world is wider than that of the local men. She pays him back with dedication.

Type 2 – Single with a series of unsuccessful relationships.  Truth be told, he’s unsuccessful wherever he goes. Now that he’s chosen a foreign land, he hopes that things will change. But eventually, the women find out that he’s weak, that he’s lacking in vision. He’s unable to change and—often times—the women will play tricks on him. They punish him with lies and deception.

For the Western man, the foreign country is a welcome respite. They don’t have slut walks, pussy hats or Jessica Valenti. In short, less feminism.

But let’s be clear, a foreign country won’t solve your relationship problems. If your game is strong, the ex-pat life is great; if your game is weak, the ex-pat life is better…for the time being. Eventually, self-improvement will come knocking on your door and you’ll need to answer.

All Game Leads to Alpha Frame

All Game Leads to Alpha Frame

Tinder, Badoo, Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish….you can have all these dating sites and meet thousands of women. You can have your “lifestyle game” on lockdown, wearing a fine suit and excellent shoes. You can be running a fantastic “clown game,” making a woman chuckle at your irreverent wit and comedic mannerisms. You can have “money game” where you impress her with a Ferrari that you just bought. All of these roads can lead to seduction.

But eventually, you’ll need to be an Alpha. You’ll need to exhibit self-confidence, a passion for life, and a desire to accomplish great things. You’ll eventually need to let her know that you’ve been anointed—that you carry the blessings of an all-mighty God. You’re living an amazing journey , a one-of-a-kind story. You have to believe these things about yourself…believe them in the depths of your soul.

Only then will she truly fall in love with you.