On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

Recently, I was speaking to an older man that I know. We were talking about the challenges of life. This man – let’s call him Andy – is an “asexual”. In short, he’s never been married, has no girlfriend, and has no plans of acquiring one. To my knowledge, Andy  is straight (although who knows what happens in the dead of night).

Eventually, about twenty minutes into the conversation, I was reminded of something…

An asexual man cannot give adequate advice to a family man.

The reason is simple (but increasingly convoluted the United States of Androgyny). A straight man is faced with challenges that the androgynous man avoids. Here’s just a few of them:

  • How do you handle the emotional complexities of your wife?
  • What lesson(s) will you teach to your daughter? To your son?
  • How do you handle sexual temptation as a married man?

These are just a few, but I can list a hundred more.

The asexual man does not deal with these daily challenges. He’s looking at the Freeway of Love from a distance. He’s not willing to get into the squared circle, to put on the boxing gloves and fight. He’s waving the white flag on the Battlefield of Romance.

Therefore, the asexual man cannot guide the family man. He’s not facing the same obstacles; he’s not climbing a similar mountain. He’s not running in the same race.

Only somebody that walks in your shoes will know how they feel.

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Every Married Man Will Experience a Crisis of Trust

Every Married Man Will Experience a Crisis of Trust

Weddings are so beautiful: the cake, the dress, the emotional speeches. And then you have the photos being uploaded to Facebook, the countless likes and comments. The couple walks into an ambiguous tomorrow…like the end of a Hollywood movie.

And then reality sets in. Or, the mundane circumstances of everyday life. The common, the boring, and the trivial.

It’s during this time that EVERY married man will experience a crisis of trust.

I was married for one year before I had my “crisis of trust.” One day, it just hit me…”Oh sh*t! This woman can destroy the life!” It wasn’t that I believed that she would do it; it was the fact that she had the power to. Via marriage, I had given her a key to my potential destruction. She could be the Brutus to my Caesar. The Robin Givens to my Mike Tyson.

The fear of every married man. After she says “I do,” you might be done for…

Eventually, I overcame my fear. I realized that I could not live with jealousy for the rest of my life. So the best thing I could do was excel, reaffirming my dedication to the Alpha-male lifestyle. My dedication to this goal, along with the bond we had already created, would be the best “glue” for our marriage.

Not long after, I spoke with several other married men on the topic. As it turns out, they also had the “crisis of trust.” One guy was searching his gal’s telephone while she was sleeping, another guy  was looking through his wife’s laptop, etc. Every man went through the same thing. And funny enough, these men eventually came to the same conclusion as I did – you cannot live in constant fear that your wife will cheat on you. So you have to exchange your doubts for your peace of mind.

The majority of married men will eventually trust their wives – not because they are 100% sure of her fidelity, but because they cannot accept a life of continual jealousy and fear.

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On the Major’s Short Hiatus

On the Major’s Short Hiatus

The Major had to attend to his sick father. All is well now, as the HE WHO SIRED THE MAJOR is feeling better—a new pacemaker being the solution.

I’ve reflected on responsibility…

The Major is married. And once we marry, especially in the US, the protocol is to make the wife your world. You’re encouraged to forget the parents and the friends—you either bow to Sheryl Sandberg or else. In short, men are encouraged to tongue-punch the asshole of Cuckoldry.

Your old friends, once men of adventure, will now say things like, “I’m sorry, but I cannot meet for a beer. I have promised to lick my wife’s stiletto heels in the linen aisle of Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

I refuse to play along. I respect and honor my aging parents.

Thankfully, I have the support of my wife. Some women are not so kind in that regard; they’re jealous of the husband’s family (particularly the mother) and they drive a wedge into these relationships.

A man should always honor his parents—even if he’s married. If the wife does not understand, you should make her understand. These points cannot be compromised…they’re too important. As the head of the family, you set the ground rule—and the rule should honor the people that came before you.

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