A Remembrance of Marcel Proust

A Remembrance of Marcel Proust

What separates the average man from a great writer?

The average man says, “It was the rain.”

A great writer—like Marcel Proust—says the following…

“A little tap at the window, as though some missile had struck it, followed by a plentiful, falling sound, as light, though, as if a shower of sand were being sprinkled from a window overhead; then the fall spread, took on an order, a rhythm, became liquid, loud, drumming, musical, innumerable, universal. It was the rain

Such beauty. When I first read that excerpt, it burned itself into my memory. I saw the work of a master, a genius that was honing a craft. A wordsmith at the wheel of creativity: Marcel Proust.

My English teacher in college, when reading the line, stated the following: “That’s the kind of line that gets you an ‘A’ in a Creative Writing class.”

We all chuckled. So true…