“How Much Do You Bench?” is a Good Question

“How Much Do You Bench?” is a Good Question

Years ago, Saturday Night Live had a sketch called “How Much Do You Bench?” It featured a group of muscular men, taking phone calls from the public. The host would ask every caller the same thing: “How much do you bench?”

Here’s a clip:

The point of the skit was obvious – a man that cares too much about his body is a clown. A doofus. All body, no brains.

However, the show misses the mark for one reason:

The GREAT MAN values his body; therefore, he rejects any ridicule in this regard.

Today’s “entertainment” is method of subterfuge.  See how a GREAT MAN is undermined with satire. How his personal pride is demeaned by the media. Remember that we’re in a culture war: the weak are attacking the strong. Given this reality, we must to defend ourselves from media jackals; in the case of SNL, it’s the seditious Lorne Michaels (aka, David Lipowitz).

The question is simple, my reader….do you wanna’ look like this?


Or like this…

Woody Allen

A man’s physical strength is a sign of hard work. Personal pride. Dedication to a goal. To quote Nietzsche: “Excess of strength alone is proof of strength”

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