On the Use of Rubrics in Education

On the Use of Rubrics in Education

The rubric is a new “thing” in education. In short, it provides a breakdown of how a project is graded. And so the teacher is required to give the student a rubric (IN ADDITION to a graded paper).

Here’s an example of a rubric:

The student needs to hire a lawyer to decipher the rubric.

What a shitshow!

Major Styles was in the education game for awhile. So I saw the rubric as it went from the delivery room to the street. And now, years later, the reasoning behind it is obvious. Let’s cut the bullshit and get right to the point.

The rubric is a scam.

It’s a Frankenstein of administration. The proliferation of paperwork for its own sake. The brainchild of a micromanager. A stinky turd, falling from the asshole of a frustrated Education major. Think of The Trial by Kafka, extending to the field of education.

Now, the teacher has double the work…how wonderful!  First, he has to grade 200 papers on a Friday night; then, he has to fill out another 200 rubrics. In short, double the work for the same pay.

In the old days, you got written feedback. It was good enough…what else do you really need?

Note: Imagine you write a novel and give it to a famous author to read. What’s the author going to give you? Written/verbal feedback or a rubric? You already know the answer…and it’s NOT the rubric.

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