How to Get Your Tattoo Removed

How to Get Your Tattoo Removed

Here are five locations that will remove your tattoo:

  • New York: Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York at 212-686-7306
  • Los Angeles: Pasadena Tattoo Removal at 626-660-0958
  • Miami: Miami Laser Tattoo Removal at 305-548-8423
  • Dallas: Skintastic at 469-522-3286
  • Washington, D.C: Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal at 202-656-2604

Remember that the human body is a work of art (or at least it should be). The founders of Western civilization gave us this…


They would be shocked to find out we now look like this:


Remember that America is at war…being attacked on the inside by Cultural Marxism. Their goal is to make you believe in the oppressor/oppressed paradigm – to hate your nation, traditional marriage, and your body.

They’re not able to murder you…so they prefer that you commit suicide instead.

Your tattoos are their victory. They despise traditional America and they want it destroyed. So they sell you “body art.” They convince you that you’re hip, cool…part of the club. But really, you’re just a pawn in their endgame. You fell for their trap, and now you’re wearing a scarlet letter.

Don’t feel bad…I’ve been there myself. They’ve played me for a fool more times than I can count. But no more. The buck stops here. They won’t pull the wool over my eyes again.

It’s time to scrub your body clean…to become to a warrior in the new world. To be reborn as an Adonis in God’s image.