Where to Go From Here?

Where to Go From Here?

It’s been roughly a month since (((they))) shut down Chateau Heartiste. At that moment, it became apparent that WordPress is under control of a Satanic force. That the fly-infested pig’s head has inserted its control into the administration of WordPress.

So where to go from here?

We either worship Jewish control or we are censored. We either bow to the circumcised phallus, or we are obliterated. They want us to worship Larry David instead of a noble Roman gladiator.

Hasidic rabbi sucking the blood from a child’s penis. These are the people that run the United States and that our conservatives defend at every turn. Remember to NEVER say anything bad about them, you Nazi.

The Major has to decide on his next move. It’s better to tell the truth than to be a useful idiot or a coward.

Note: My picture for this post is of a rabbi sucking the blood out of a child’s penis – called Mitzvah B’Peh. All the people who think Jews are perfect people must, naturally, support this kind of child rape and violence.