On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

On Receiving Advice From Asexual Men

Recently, I was speaking to an older man that I know. We were talking about the challenges of life. This man – let’s call him Andy – is an “asexual”. In short, he’s never been married, has no girlfriend, and has no plans of acquiring one. To my knowledge, Andy  is straight (although who knows what happens in the dead of night).

Eventually, about twenty minutes into the conversation, I was reminded of something…

An asexual man cannot give adequate advice to a family man.

The reason is simple (but increasingly convoluted the United States of Androgyny). A straight man is faced with challenges that the androgynous man avoids. Here’s just a few of them:

  • How do you handle the emotional complexities of your wife?
  • What lesson(s) will you teach to your daughter? To your son?
  • How do you handle sexual temptation as a married man?

These are just a few, but I can list a hundred more.

The asexual man does not deal with these daily challenges. He’s looking at the Freeway of Love from a distance. He’s not willing to get into the squared circle, to put on the boxing gloves and fight. He’s waving the white flag on the Battlefield of Romance.

Therefore, the asexual man cannot guide the family man. He’s not facing the same obstacles; he’s not climbing a similar mountain. He’s not running in the same race.

Only somebody that walks in your shoes will know how they feel.

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A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

Years ago, I met a great woman (let’s call her Carol). She was kind and beautiful. Moreover, we had “chemistry”: a polite word for good sex. There was only one problem…

  • Carol was 44, divorced, and a mother of 4 children
  • I was 38, childless, and looking to start a family

Eventually, we had to “call it quits.” I was honest with her, telling her that I was looking to start my own family. Thankfully, Carol was mature and she understood my decision; we parted ways like two rational adults. It was a bit sad though (like many breakups are). However, my decision was based on the following idea:

A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

Now, almost ten years later, I have the most beautiful daughter. She’s a carbon copy of me, which is a beautiful thing. And every day I thank God that she’s in my life…that the Good Lord has blessed me with a little angel.

daddy and duagher
Every day I thank God for my daughter…and she was only born because I had the courage to make a difficult decision.

Periodically, I think back to my time with Carol. If I would have continued with her (and followed my “emotions”) my daughter would not exist. Thankfully, I followed my logical side and I’m so much happier for it.

A man that wants his own family should never compromise. If he does, he’ll always wonder “What if?” He’ll always think about the road he never took: the mountain he never climbed. And the emptiness will lead to regret: a regret that, in the dead of night, will turn into an anger against his wife.

He’ll come to believe that his wife cajoled him against his will, forcing him to miss the Castle of his Dreams.

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People Will Judge the Character of Your Parents by Your Behavior

People Will Judge the Character of Your Parents by Your Behavior

From How to be a Man (1846) by Harvy Newcomb:

Children, likewise, honor or dishonor their parents in their general behavior. If they are rude and uncivil, they reflect dishonor upon their parents; for people say, they have not been trained and instructed at home. But when their behavior is respectful, correct, pure, and amiable, it reflects honor upon the parents. People will judge of the character of your parents by your behavior.

A beautiful point…and one that’s rarely though about.

  • Do I make my parents proud? Is my behavior a source of honor for them?

Most people think differently…because they’re centered on the first person: I, me, my, etc. And maybe that’s ok at times. But it’s good to mix it up a bit…start thinking about the people that put you on this earth – namely your parents.

Let’s just say that her parents fucked up.

Note: We can see the damage that Sigmund Freud has done. He divided the Western parent from his child…created a conflict between the father and his progeny. Perhaps he (more than anyone else) has weakened the character of the modern man.

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Is Max Joseph the Biggest Cuck in America?

Is Max Joseph the Biggest Cuck in America?

A few days ago, I saw the show Catfish at the gymnasium. I would never watch the show at home. However, in the public arena of a gym, I see things that I would otherwise ignore.

Catfish is a show on MTV. It’s about people that create fake online profiles, and it stars Nev Shulman and Max Joseph: two Jews from New York that look like they’ve been free-basing Estrogen for twenty years.

Wanna’ see the face of a man that goes to a Women’s March? Look no further…

They have no toxic masculinity…

To the red-pill observer, they’re your typical beta males. However, a closer look will reveal that Max Joseph is, perhaps, the biggest cuck we’ve seen in the last five decades.

I saw the following in the first four scenes:

  • In the first scene, Max is seated at a table next to a rainbow flag.
  • In the second scene, Max has a “Black Lives Matter” shirt.
  • In the third scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “Feminist
  • In the fourth scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “I Stand With Immigration

This is what an SJW universe looks like. You have no humor. You have no sophistication or beauty. All you have is protest.

MTV used to be about music…now it’s like everything else on TV: cannibalized by the SJW narrative.

It reminds of the Anita Sarkessian video, which recently made the rounds: “Everything is sexism, everything is racist, everything is homophobic.” Thankfully, somebody made a funny video to spoof her nonsense:

In summary, MTV is over. Just like every other great creation (i.e Disney, Star Wars) it’s been cannibalized by the counter culture. Now it’s like another dead animal on the Serengeti: the “Year Zero” vultures are finishing off its remains.

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On the Cheapness of Hashtag Empathy

On the Cheapness of Hashtag Empathy

#PrayforParis, #VegasStrong, #PrayforLondon

We’ve seen a lot of these hashtags. Somebody is sitting at the computer, feeling sad about a recent tragedy. So they post a trending hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It only takes a minute! Afterwards, they bounce to the local club for a Cosmopolitan (just like that zany Carry Bradshaw used to drink).

But there’s another layer of tragedy…a descent into the bowels of human suffering.

Are you willing to visit the parents of a dead child? Are you willing to console a man that’s lost his wife, or a woman that’s lost her husband? What about a little girl that’s lost her father? 

Most people don’t have that kind of courage (To be honest, I’m not sure I do). They stay away from the Storm of Devastation. They take a left turn at Desolation Row. They check out of Heartbreak Hotel and head over to Paradise City.

In short, hashtag empathy is cheap…a surrogate type of concern.

*Note: The dedicated liberal is always bitching about racism. And yet, when it comes time for a hashtag, he/she can only acknowledge the tragedy in a “white” nation (France, England, etc). Think about it…have you ever seen #PrayforBurkinaFaso or #PrayforNigeria? You have not…even though both countries have been hit by terrorism.

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What Are Your Three Greatest Accomplishments?

What Are Your Three Greatest Accomplishments?

This question was posed to me awhile ago. Originally, I thought it was poppycock. But now I realize that it’s a question worth asking.

The answer to the question will depend on the person. Everybody’s different. So each man’s definition of “accomplishment” is similar to those that think like him: i.e. Robert Kiyosaki will give creedance to Donald Trump. Kobe Bryant will be interested in Wilt Chamberlain. Buddy Guy will investigate the ideas of BB King. And so on…

Your definition of “accomplishment” dictates your life.  It colors how you view the past, how you see the present, and what you’re looking for in the future.

A GREAT MAN is ruthlessly dedicated to his definition of accomplishment; he never lets a differing definition usurp his own.

To thine own self be true! Do you have the courage to follow that statement? Or will you kowtow to others, letting their vision of the world become your own?

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To an Active Mind, Indolence is More Painful Than Labor

To an Active Mind, Indolence is More Painful Than Labor

These words were uttered by Edward Gibbon, after he finished his six-volume epic: History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. (a book that was considered by many to be the pre-eminent collection on Roman history). Gibbon was exhausted, ready to retire to the English countryside. And yet, he realized what all GREAT MEN realize.

“To an active mind, indolence is more painful than labor”

The GREAT MAN is always on the move, always in the act of becoming. He must BE...he must DO. He runs to a destiny every day. He climbs the Mountain of Potential. He swims in the Ocean of Possibility.

The GREAT MAN can never relax. For a day or two…perhaps. But then the voices begin…calling him into the Battlefield of Tomorrow.

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