The Downfall of ESPN in One Photo

The Downfall of ESPN in One Photo

ESPN just announced major cutbacks:

ESPN will cut more than 100 employees today, Yahoo Finance has learned. That number is much bigger than the 40-50 that was initially reported. ESPN aims to notify all of the people today, if it can do so.

These cuts are an ongoing issue.

ESPN’s subscriber numbers have dropped steadily, weighing on parent company Disney, forcing a new round of cost-cutting. When Disney demands cuts, ESPN can make those cuts however it chooses.

ESPN had major layoffs in 2015, as it did two years before that, in 2013. Both times, it cut around 300 people. This time around, the network reportedly sought to cut tens of millions of dollars, and decided that ridding itself of big expensive contracts was the way to do it.

Of course, in typical SJW fashion, ESPN is unsure about what is causing their viewers to flee. So to help the network, I’ve placed a photo below, taken from their website.

Memo to ESPN: More sports, and less of the following:


Why Did Bill Nye Become a Feminist?

Why Did Bill Nye Become a Feminist?

Bill Nye has recently been promoting male feminism. Apparently, people are no longer interested in the “science nerd” shtick.

On his program “Bill Nye Saves the World,” he recently had a segment featuring Rachel Bloom (another Jewish feminist). At any rate, Bloom sang a tune that was aimed at “all the single ladies,” or perhaps the married women that are dreaming of Wisteria Lane.

And the lyrics…what’s not to love?

“My vagina has its own voice”

“Versatile love may have some butt stuff”

“There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew”

“Don’t box in my box”

“Drag queen, drag king. Just do what feels right”

Here’s a link to the video (if you can stomach it): “My Sex Junk” by Rachel (((Bloom)))


Bill Nye is 61, single, with no children. He was married once for 7 weeks (yes, 7 weeks) to a woman that played the oboe. The marriage was declared invalid and he had to file a protective order against the woman. It should also be noted that his reputation is not one of a Hollywood playboy.

So Bill Nye – despite his financial fame and celebrity – is the involuntary celibate (Incel). It’s little wonder that now he’s ringing the bell of feminism, hoping to draw the attention of a liberal Western woman. Very predictable.

The male feminist is a sexual predator – faux sympathy is the weapon on choice. He’s unable to attract a woman with the usual male attributes: a strong build, self confidence, etc. So instead, he pretends to be “down with the struggle.” He’s a liar. And ultimately, his goal is no different than the womanizer: get ‘er into bed ASAP.

So why is Bill Nye a feminist? It’s simple…the same reason that all men claim to support feminism. To take a woman’s clothes off.


What’s the Worst Part of Being a Drug Addict?

What’s the Worst Part of Being a Drug Addict?

I bumped into an old acquaintance a few nights ago. I knew him when I was a teenager, a time that both of us were taking drugs: acid, marijuana, etc. Fast forward twenty-five years…what changes have occurred?

For me, the experimentation was a stage: a period of self-discovery. Eventually, I had a bad acid trip and gave it up. The weed lasted for a few years as well. Again…I eventually got tired of it. I grew up, got a college degree, traveled the world, developed my talents, married my wife, and had a child.

My acquaintance?

Still smoking pot every day,…still taking acid. At 45, he was never married or had children. And deep down, he’s basically a cool guy. But that’s beside the point – what kind of women wants to marry a druggie? If he does find a woman, will he want her? (she’ll have an addiction as well). It’s hard enough to find someone that you “click” with; but when you mix drugs into the equation, then it becomes impossible.

When I was growing up in the 1980’s, there was a popular commercial on television—say nope to dope and ugh to drugs. They said that narcotics would kill you. But when you grew up, you saw older drug addicts and you realized that the commercial was false; the warnings were a lie. You can take drugs and live (see Keith Richards).

There was a more convincing argument – one that was never made.

Drugs will destroy your sexual market value.

If you’re a 10, now you’re a 6. If you’re an 8, now you’re a 4. Your romantic value has been diminished. Your stock has plummeted on the Wall Street of Love.

Drugs limit your ability to meet the person of your dreams – to start the family you always wanted. It’s the most powerful argument against drug abuse. Everybody wants love, and they want to be in love – knowing that drugs will destroy this goal is the strongest deterrent I can think of.

How to Get Your Tattoo Removed

How to Get Your Tattoo Removed

Here are five locations that will remove your tattoo:

  • New York: Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York at 212-686-7306
  • Los Angeles: Pasadena Tattoo Removal at 626-660-0958
  • Miami: Miami Laser Tattoo Removal at 305-548-8423
  • Dallas: Skintastic at 469-522-3286
  • Washington, D.C: Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal at 202-656-2604

Remember that the human body is a work of art (or at least it should be). The founders of Western civilization gave us this…


They would be shocked to find out we now look like this:


Remember that America is at war…being attacked on the inside by Cultural Marxism. Their goal is to make you believe in the oppressor/oppressed paradigm – to hate your nation, traditional marriage, and your body.

They’re not able to murder you…so they prefer that you commit suicide instead.

Your tattoos are their victory. They despise traditional America and they want it destroyed. So they sell you “body art.” They convince you that you’re hip, cool…part of the club. But really, you’re just a pawn in their endgame. You fell for their trap, and now you’re wearing a scarlet letter.

Don’t feel bad…I’ve been there myself. They’ve played me for a fool more times than I can count. But no more. The buck stops here. They won’t pull the wool over my eyes again.

It’s time to scrub your body clean…to become to a warrior in the new world. To be reborn as an Adonis in God’s image.

“Cultural Awareness” is a Meaningless Term

“Cultural Awareness” is a Meaningless Term

Was there ever a more meaningless term than “Cultural Awareness”? I think not.

For several decades, the term has been vomited on the public. Liberal colleges and HR departments, in particular, get an erection every time they say the word. They’ll say the term and stand there proudly – as if uttering the phrase has intrinsic value. And a cottage industry has grown out of the term: sensitivity trainers, software developers, liberal professors, etc. They make money to explain the term, provide a one-sided argument, and shame anybody that dares to disagree.

They believe that cultural awareness is inherently good. End of story..period. As Americans, we should learn to be sensitive…and “sensitivity” will solve America’s international problems!


But what is “cultural awareness”? What does it really mean?

Is this cultural awareness?
Or is this cultural awareness?

You get the point. Culture is not inherently good, nor bad. Like humanity, it’s a mixed bag. It’s up to adults to determine why something is good or bad. They have to use their moral compass (if they have one).

The battle for truth is linguistic. We use words to define our reality…so we have to be careful about the terms we use. “Cultural awareness” is one of these terms – it creates an ambiguity about the world we live in which, in turn, leads to a false understanding.



The George Soros Collection

The George Soros Collection

There’s a new line of human being on the market – the George Soros Collection. Can’t find a personality to wear today? No problem…George Schwartz (AKA Soros) has a ready-made persona just for you. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go!

Here are the three most popular items in the collection:

1.) The BLM Protester

Notice the excess of fat on both of them…a result of too many sausage links at the Waffle House.

It’s common knowledge that George Soros funded many of the BLM riots. He held them like a skilled puppeteer, making them dance at will. He laughed in glee as they stupidly looted and rioted.

If you’re a black person with low sexual market value, you too can be part of the George Soros Collection. You can find an excuse for your personal failure. Remember those lonely Saturday nights? Now they can be filled with rallies, meetings and events. You can meet other losers and blame “whitey.”

1.) The Beta-Male Hipster


This is a Vladimir Milcin; he worls for the George’s Open Society Foundation in Skopje, Macedonia. Notice the peevish dejection in his face, the lack of muscle lass, the slumped-over posture. He’s like a Macedonian Ray Romano.

Soros loves the hipster. He provides a sense of purpose to men like Milcin (not a prepuce, which Soros lost at a Hungarian briss). Milcin believes that chicks will dig this “wild and crazy guy” at the Blue Martini in Skopje. Of course, he’s sadly mistaken. Milcin – like most hipsters – is doomed to failure in the sexual marketplace.

Note that the same model can be found in other cities, particularly Portland, Oregon.

3.) Hillary Clinton

Hillary received funding from George Soros.

This is Hillary Clinton. She is, perhaps, the most prominent line in the George Soros Collection. She’s the empowered, modern woman who “don’t need no man” (except of course, for the billionaires who funded her rise to the top).

Hillary’s are everywhere. They wear pussy hats, go on slut walks, and take Cymbalta for depression. They are the disposable idiots. They are the foot soldiers in the Soros army, fighting a million menstrual battles in the HR departments of America.

The Hillary model is currently under redesign due to the recent elections. Expect a new brand in the Spring, ready to take the hallways of academia by storm.


Remembering The Ultimate Warrior

Remembering The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior passed away several years ago. However, his word and ideas live on. He was Jim Helwig…a wrestling hero to children, but an inspiration to adults. He taught us the importance of ruthless aggression. He encouraged us to kick ass, live our dreams, and to demand more from life.

The passion in his voice, the determination in his eyes, the raw energy. That’s what dwells in the house of greatness. May the Ultimate Warrior live forever!

His quotes are for those who dream large:

Shake the ropes, baby…and do it every day.