I am afraid not.

You either have a burning desire to be great or you don’t You can either accept the ugliest truth or you can’t. You’re willing to fight back against the forces of Satanism, or you’re too weak to lift a finger. It’s one of the other and there is no room in between.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you capable of changing? If you are, then a relentless fire is burning inside of you. You refuse to accept defeat. You refuse to let the destroyers of life take a victory. You are RA, Apolla, Zeus…reincarnated in the flesh.

Tonight we ride!

6 thoughts on “Can People Change?

  1. N-no thanks. change is scary. i just want to stay in the same city same job same masturbatory habits until retirement, then zog lets me stop working and sends me a social security direct deposit each month. the federal gov’t is benevolent 🙂 there’s no need to rebel. lets just all watch the superbowl, drink beer and forget any of these silly conspiracy theories.

      1. thanks. sorry to hear about your foreskin being taken away from you at birth. THEY will get what’s coming to them eventually. history repeats. revenge will be bittersweet.

      2. Thank you, zerohedge. Thankfully, I’ve been able to regain a lot of sensitivity and normalize my life, by and large.

        The important thing, as you alluded to, is not to confuse the reasons for this mass mutilation. It has Judaic origins. So people that voice opinions on this topic should not obfuscate the guilty party (as they so often do).

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