As the story goes, Walt Disney was flying over Orlando, Florida in the 1960s. He looked out the window, pointed to an empty piece of land, and said to the person next to him: “Right there. I’ll put DisneyWorld right there!”

A beautiful story…

At the same time, another man was sleeping on the same plane. Still another man was pondering the common details of a day: sending bills, etc. And yet another man was contemplating a boring past, trying to find inspiration. And therein lies the difference between the great man (Walt Disney) and the common man.

Walt Disney was thinking of a future; the common man is thinking of a past. Walt Disney saw that a paradise that was waiting to be built; the common man sees a boring landscape of the ordinary. Walt Disney was driven by a desire to create; the common man is repeating what’s already been done.

Or, to put it plainly…

Some men look out an airplane and see DisneyWorld in an empty field. Other men see an empty field.

Walt Disney taught us how to be great man.

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