Richard Wagner was more than a musical genius. He was an early practitioner of the red pill and a man that suffered no fools. One of his greatest bits of wisdom was on the political; in particular, on how ubiquitous ignorance can destroy a nation. Wagner points to the destruction of ancient Greece for an example:

“…the Barbarian needed only to subjugate the Greek: and all was over with Grecian freedom, strength, and beauty. Thus, in deep humiliation, two hundred million men, huddled in helpless confusion in the Roman empire, too soon found out that when all men cannot be free alike and happy all men must suffer alike as slaves.”

Summary: When the barbarians control a kingdom, then everybody lives in fear. By example, let’s reflect on the Library of Alexandria: a collection of nearly one million books, burned to the ground by savages. And the whole of Europe plunged into a sea of darkness. Imagine the insight in those books…the collected wisdom of the ages! And all was destroyed by a gang of grunting savages.

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The ancient Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground by the invading barbarians.

Remember, my friends…

The barbarian can never respect or understand book of wisdom…to him, its pages are equivalent to a piece of toilet paper.

We see this today, of course, with the advent of unchecked immigration. America is no longer interested in bringing the “brightest and best” into the country. Instead, the traitorous lawmakers are using immigration to cause revolution. The same is occurring in London, Brussels and Munich. The missiles of destruction are not flying through the sky; they’re legislative in nature, occurring at weak border checkpoints and in the hands of corrupt officials.

I won’t belabor the point; other writers have addressed the immigration problem better than I. But it’s always interesting when you read history and a find an idea that correlates to the modern world. When we come across such things, we’re reminded that history repeats itself and that the past is alive in the present.

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8 thoughts on “When All Men Cannot be Free Alike and Happy All Men Must Suffer Alike as Slaves

  1. A fine comparison Major, it beggars belief that elites, whether politicians or corporates, are actively enabling this. The original Kalergi plan is backed financially by Soros and only the Eastern bloc of the EU say “no”! It’s an excellent post Ron and I’m about to Reblog it.

  2. Reblogged this on Tales From Mindful Travels and commented:
    An interesting historical comparison of how whole civilisations or cultures were destroyed by barbarians who had no care for the values of the invaded countries. No different from today’s Kalergi Plan or the despicable machinations of George Sorus and EU elites for example.

  3. This is a subject that has always intrigued me. Why did Europe abandon Roman civilization and return to living in mud huts. It will happen again, mark my words!

    1. Perhaps so, Andrew. I know that Nietzsche believed that Western civilization turned its back on revenge (exemplified in the Christian idea of forgiveness). And thus, the hatred they felt for others morphed into a self-hatred.

      That’s why I’ve always been drawn to Luther’s take on Christianity: stand and fight or else be destroyed.

      And I agree with you…these things tend to repeat themselves.

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