Art should raise the human spirit. It should elevate us into an ethereal plane…expanding our consciousness. It should give us the courage to fight! To never back down or regress into a stilted form. Art should make us feel like Roman soldiers. It should affirm the universal life essence of BEAUTY.

One painting that illustrates these ideas is Self Portrait with Death. It was created by the Swiss painter, Arnold Bocklin, in 1872.

Bocklins Self Portrait with Death

The message is simple. The artist is proud and confident; and yet Death follows him everywhere. However, the great artist is not overcome with fear. Instead, he continues to pursue his lofty goal – the elevation of human beauty in the face of danger. By doing so, he becomes a GREAT MAN.

Let’s reaffirm the beauty of life! Let’s gather the rosebuds of exquisite passion…the blessings of passionate love. Let’s look into the mirror and see the becoming man, shedding his coat of insecurity.

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3 thoughts on “On the Greatness of Arnold Bocklin’s “Self Portrait With Death”

  1. Great post! I love your hammering in the message of the GREAT MAN…

    Speaking of which ….. I’ve just destroyed my last website, the Sorcerygod’s 13th, and embarked on the hallowed lucky number 14 today …… As Great Men, you and I, Major Styles, should celebrate this. I am also about to begin my SEDUCTION RAMPAGE — tales of real-life pursuit of women in large quantities, high qualities — of which Vancouver has a plenitude. So bear with me.

    I am now **SUBLIIME** by name. Click like on this, please.

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